362 TABLET, XPE/5250/3270/RDP/ICA/802.11B/G, 1GB 362XP-g


Product Description:

362 TABLET, XPE/5250/3270/RDP/ICA/802.11B/G, 1GB 362XP-g

Product Details:

5250/3270, RDP, ICA, 800Mhz, 1GB DOM, Biometric Sensor

Web Price: 1,890.00

362 TABLET, XPE/5250/3270/RDP/ICA/802.11B/G, 1GB

Part#: 362XP-g

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[html] The BOStablet delivers the very best in mobile computing. Healthcare, manufacturing, distribution, retail, you name the industry. The BOStablet is a perfect match for applications such as patient care, inventory management, shop floor, shipping, receiving, and data collection. The integration of powerful elements -- AMD LX800 processor, Microsoft's XP-embedded operating system, versatile networking options, together with Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP client/server computing protocols makes the BOStablet a compelling solution for mobile computing.

Unique features include customizable "Hot Spots" and full integration with BOSaNOVA Management Software. While "Hot Spots" enhance the use of the touch screen by triggering pre-recorded macros easing navigation through your application, integration with the BOSaNOVA Remote Manager provides centralized support and control. Terminal Emulations include BOSaNOVA Secure GUI (5250) and Ericom Powerterm (3270, VT100, ...) by request.


  • 8.4" TFT Touch Screen
  • Full Screen 5250/3270
  • Ruggedized Industrial Strength Case
  • Built-in Authentic biometric sensor compatible with Valid Technologies
  • 802.11 b/g Wireless, WEP, WPA, WPA2, LEAP, PEAP, 802.11x
  • Available PCMCIA slot can be used with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.
  • IE 6 SP2 - MS JVM, Sun Java, Shockwave, Flash, and Media player 10
  • Adobe 7.05 and Office Viewers 2003
  • Hot Swap Batteries (up to 10 hours)
  • Device support includes scanners, USB Keyboards, Bluetooth
  • Various mounting options

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