psion 8515 - 85150001 - wireless scanners

85150001 - PSION TEKLOGIX 8515, QWERTY, 802.11, CE5.0

MFG Part #: 85150001

Manufacturer: psion

Product Line: 8515

Item #: 105415

Availability: Call 888-648-4452

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PSION TEKLOGIX 8515 QWERTY 802 11 CE5 0 - 85150001

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psion 85150001 wireless scanners

The 8515 works hard and keeps its head down. It never breaks the forklift operators’ line of sight. And it never compromises durability or performance. It boasts a razor-sharp, 640 x 480 full-screen VGA color display that supports a huge range of applications. And you can read the bright, touch-sensitive display in almost all lighting.

The Windows®-based 8515 is crammed to the hilt with technology. It features an XScale® processor, together with WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity.

If you want to plug in the peripherals, take your pick. It comes with two USB host ports and one RS232 serial port. So it’s more than ready for your bar code scanners, printers and RFID readers.

And it’s packing a full PC-style alphanumeric keyboard and 10 dedicated function keys which are ergonomically perfect located around the display for flexible and accurate data entry: part of what we call Natural Task Support™.

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