psion 8525 & 8530 - 85300001 - wireless scanners

85300001 - PSION TEKLOGIX 8530, FREEZER,QWERTY, 802.11, CE5.0

MFG Part #: 85300001

Manufacturer: psion

Product Line: 8525 & 8530

Item #: 105417

Availability: Call 888-648-4452

View Brochure Psion_8525_8530_Specification_Brochure For PSION_TEKLOGIX_8530_FREEZER_QWERTY_802_11_CE5_0Psion 8525 & 8530 Specification Brochure (PDF)

PSION TEKLOGIX 8530 FREEZER QWERTY 802 11 CE5 0 - 85300001

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psion 85300001 wireless scanners

The 8525 G2 and the 8530 G2 take ruggedness to new extremes, operating comfortably at temperatures between -30ºC to +60ºC (-22°F to 140°F). Thanks to heated components and exceptional sealing, the 8525 G2/8530 G2 can handle the heavy condensation that occurs when driving from a cold warehouse to a warm receiving dock. They’ve earned an IP66 rating, so you never worry about dust or moisture causing downtime.

Extreme working conditions put workers under immense pressure. They deserve equipment that’s as rugged as they are – vehicle mount computers that make their jobs easier, not harder.

The 8525 G2 and the 8530 G2 are rugged, vehicle mount powerhouses. They endure the bleakest conditions and always come back for more. They also deliver intelligence and insight where it’s need most: at the mobile worker’s fingertips. That’s why companies that rely on these industry powerhouses have happier workers and higher productivity. And if you want maximum visual display, that’s when the 8530 G2 really comes in to its own. Its huge display screen outshines the competition, displaying more information, more clearly.

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