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24GHz, 11MBPS, Dual RP-TNC Connectors, Integrated Antenna, and FCC Configuration


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MFG Part #: AIR-BR1310G-A-K9
Manufacturer: cisco_systems
Item #: 106550

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cisco_systems AIR-BR1310G-A-K9 rf wireless:

Cisco Select Certification The Cisco® Aironet® 1300 Series Outdoor Access Point or Bridge is an 802.11g access point and bridge that provides high-speed and cost-effective wireless connectivity between multiple fixed or mobile networks and clients. Building a metropolitan-area wireless infrastructure with the Cisco Aironet 1300 Series provides deployment personnel with a flexible, easy-to-use solution that meets the security requirements of wide-area networking professionals. The Cisco Aironet 1300 Series can be deployed as an autonomous access point or bridge, providing intelligent network services as a standalone device. Alternatively, the Cisco Aironet 1300 Series can be deployed as part of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network, managed centrally by a Cisco wireless LAN controller.

The Cisco Aironet 1300 Series supports the 802.11g standard-providing 54-Mbps data rates with a proven, secure technology while maintaining full backward compatibility with legacy 802.11b devices. It is delivered in a compact, rugged enclosure for deployment in outdoor environments, and is available in two versions. The Cisco Aironet 1300 Series with integrated antenna can be quickly installed to provide a LAN bridge to a remote site or multiple sites. The 1300 Series with antenna connectors supports a variety of Cisco 2.4-GHz antennas, providing range and coverage versatility.

The Cisco Aironet 1300 Series is available either as part of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network or as an autonomous access point or bridge. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network is a comprehensive solution that delivers an integrated, end-to-end wired and wireless network. Using the radio and network management features of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network for simplified deployment, the Cisco Aironet 1300 Series extends the security, scalability, reliability, ease of deployment, and manageability available in wired networks to the wireless LAN. Unified access points operate with the Lightweight Access Point Protocol (LWAPP) and work in conjunction with Cisco wireless LAN controllers and the Wireless Control System (WCS). When configured with LWAPP, the Cisco Aironet 1300 Series can automatically detect the best-available Cisco wireless LAN controller and download appropriate policies and configuration information with no hands-on intervention.

Autonomous access points are based on Cisco IOS® Software and may optionally operate with the CiscoWorks Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE). Autonomous access points, along with the WLSE, deliver a core set of features and may be field-upgraded to take advantage of the full benefits of the Cisco Unified Wireless Network as requirements evolve. As an autonomous access point or bridge, the Cisco Aironet 1300 Series may be configured to operate as a wireless access point, bridge, or a workgroup bridge.

Features and Benefits

  • Autonomous models provide an auto-configuration and installation mode for quick deployment of point-to-point links without the need for configuration through Telnet, FTP, or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) nor knowledge of Cisco IOS Software or data networking.
  • The Cisco Unified Wireless Network provides automatic configuration of RF parameters for access points, recognizes the presence of other RF emitting devices, and minimizes interference to and from neighboring access points, ensuring optimal network capacity
  • Seamless Layer 2 and Layer 3 Roaming
  • Bandwidth can be increased between bridged networks through the aggregation of multiple autonomous bridges at each site via Cisco Fast EtherChannel® technology, Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP), or routing protocols
  • For an autonomous device, the link-distance parameter allows the user to tune the Carrier-Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance (CSMA/CA) parameters for the particular range in use to maximize performance
  • Concatenation of smaller packets into larger ones allows autonomous devices to more efficiently use the wireless medium and provide higher overall data throughputs
  • Programmable clear-channel assessment allows autonomous devices to be configured to the particular background-interference level found in your environment, providing reduced contention overhead with other wireless systems

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