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System 3x/4xx and Barcoding from your AS400

We're experts in barcode software, hardware, and systems for your AS400.

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System ID has provided System 3x/4xx AS400 barcode solutions since the technology first made its debut long, long ago. This might be old technology, but many companies still rely on it, and we're experts in integrating modern barcode technology with these systems.

Printing Barcodes from your AS400

There are numerous ways to print barcodes from your AS400, either with software or hardware. The best solution depends on your particular application.

Software packages such as TL Ashford's Barcode400 provide native iSeries labeling software that allows you to design barcode labels directly from your AS400. These packages are ideal for companies who have multiple users who need to design and print different barcode labels from their AS400 data.

AS400 print servers (hardware or software) allow your PC printer (barcode, laser or dot matrix) to connect to your AS400 via Twinax or Ethernet. These can give your users not only barcoding capabilities but also allow you to convert these printers to standard AS400 printers. There are specialized AS400 print servers that will natively support the barcode printer languages or ones that will support IPDS (Intelligent Printer Data Stream).

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Reading Barcodes to Your AS400

Attaching a barcode scanner to any PC or terminal connected to the AS400 will allow you to directly input barcoded information into your AS400. The scanner acts like a keyboard, reading anything scanned into the field where your cursor is. Most scanners come with either a PS2 or USB connection to your keyboard, but specialty cable connections are available that support older-style twinax terminals. You can also program preambles and postambles (keystrokes before or after each barcode read).

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Mobile Computing with Your AS400

Portable data terminals allow workers to become mobile, moving their computing and data-collection needs to where the work is, instead of being toied to a desktop PC.

Batch portable data terminals are designed to scan data in to later be downloaded to your AS400 database. Wireless portable data terminals, on the other hand, will update your AS400 database as soon as the data is scanned in.

Some things to consider when you are making the decision to use either batch or wireless units are:

  • Do you need instant access to the data collected?
    • For instant access, a wireless solution is usually best
  • Do you have a server you want to connect to?
    • In a wireless solution the handheld is just passing a screen or session from the server to the user. If you want the handheld do more (such as notify you if the barcode scanned is incorrect), a custom application in a batch configuration is probably the best fit
  • What is your budget?
    • For smaller budgets, a batch solution is usually the best alternative

There are multiple emulation software packages to use in conjunction with your portable data terminals to access, manage and maintain your connection to applications resident on your host AS400. All of these software packages can be customized for your specific needs. Call us at 888-648-4452 to discuss your application and let us help you determine which solution is right for you.

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