Intermec cv60 - CV60A10E24041804 - wireless scanners

CV60A10E24041804 - CV60 VMC, TOUCH/CE.NET/TE2000/BT/INT ANT/802.11G

MFG Part #: CV60A10E24041804

Manufacturer: Intermec

Product Line: cv60

Item #: 6aagpu

Availability: Call 888-648-4452

View Brochure Intermec_CV60_Mounted_Mobile_Computer_Brochure For CV60_VMC_TOUCH_CE_NET_TE2000_BT_INT_ANT_802_11GIntermec CV60 Mounted Mobile Computer Brochure (PDF)

CV60 VMC TOUCH CE NET TE2000 BT INT ANT 802 11G - CV60A10E24041804

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Intermec CV60A10E24041804 wireless scanners

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