POWERSCAN D8340 Auto Range Scanner Only, PD8340-AR

POWERSCAN D8340 Auto Range Scanner Only, Undecoded (REQUIRES CABLE)

Product Description:

POWERSCAN D8340 Auto Range Scanner Only, PD8340-AR

Web Price: 439.00
List Price: 735.00

POWERSCAN D8340 Auto Range Scanner Only,

Part#: PD8340-AR

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The Datalogic PowerScan 8000 family of products has been designed to withstand to the toughest environmental conditions while maintaining its outstanding "barcode reading" performance and reliability. It is directed to customers looking for reliability without compromise in industrial applications like shop-floor/work-in-progress and warehouse management.

PowerScan D8300 Features

  • Standard Range (contact up to 3.3') and Auto Range (4" to 33') optic models available
  • Withstands 6.5' drops
  • Loud beeper and Datalogic 3GL™ good read feedback
  • Multiple interface built-in (RS-232, Keyboard Wedge, Wand and USB)

PowerScan Mobile 8300 Features

  • Available with or without display
  • 433 MHz or 910 MHz radio system
  • Point-to-point and multi-point transmission
  • Seamless roaming
  • Paging function
  • 100% compatible with STAR Cordless System™
  • User replaceable Lithium-Ion battery

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