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[html] ITScriptNet Batch and Batch Plus software allows users to quickly and easily create batch data collection applications for Dolphin 7200, 7300, 7400 and 9500 Series batch portable data terminals and the IMAGETEAM™ 3875 cordless barcode reader. The software's simple yet sophisticated architecture makes it a powerful tool for programmers and nonprogrammers alike.

The ITScriptNet program designer features an intuitive visual interface that provides users with a graphical view of how the program will function as it is being constructed, greatly simplifying the development process. The software's integrated simulator further reduces development and implementation time by simulating the data collection program within the design environment, allowing the application to be fully tested prior to being deployed in the field.

ITScriptNet enables developers to harness the multifunctional data collection capabilities of Dolphin data terminals, including keypad and touch panel input, scanning of 1 and 2D barcode symbologies, and image capture. The imaging feature can be used to record signatures and image data to document proof of receipt, damage claims, condition of equipment, and more.

In addition to its ease of use, ITScriptNet delivers powerful programming tools such as VB Scripting, conditional branching, indexed validation files and pick lists, and data formatting support for text files, Excel, Access databases, and ODBC data sources. ITScriptNet Batch Plus expands out-of-box functionality with value-added features such as IrDA printing support, debugging of In-Prompt scripts, the ability to shell out to a custom application, autogeneration of validation files, Active X controls, and support for external device input.

With its power, flexibility, and ease-of-use, ITScriptNet Batch and Batch Plus may be used to create a wide range of data collection solutions for inventory control, asset management, warehousing, retail, meter reading, document tracking, and production tracking.


  • Multi-level Programming - Simple yet sophisticated application development tools allow programmers and nonprogrammers to write effective data collection programs.
  • Multi-Platform Support - Applications can be written for Dolphin® 7200, 7300, 7400/7450, and 9500/9550 batch terminals and the IT3875 cordless imager.
  • Program Simulator - Saves development time by testing data collection applications before deployment.
  • Data Processing Using Scripts - Collects and processes data with functions using VBScripts to integrate data with other applications or back-end systems.
  • In-Prompt Scripts - Provides great flexibility and power for creating intelligent, interactive programs with conditional branching, user-defined variables, variable text display, and much more.
  • Data Formatting Support- Data can be formatted for a text file, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® Access, or through an ODBC connection.
  • Ready-To-Go™ Applications - Select from 21 pre-designed programs to quickly begin collecting data or to jump-start a custom program.
  • Additional Batch Plus Features - IrDA printing, In-Prompt script debugging, shelling out to custom applications, autogenerating validation files, Active X controls, and receiving input from external devices.

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