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Includes ITScript OMNI Developer, ITScript OMNI Runtime, and 5 Client Licenses.

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[html] ITScriptNet OMNI allows users to create data collection applications for all Hand Held Products™ Dolphin® wireless mobile computers. The simple yet sophisticated user interface makes developing wireless solutions both efficient and cost-effective.

ITScriptNet OMNI has the same great design features of ITScriptNet Batch and Batch Plus while offering solution designers a choice of three data transfer modes from the Dolphin terminal: Batch, RF, and Hybrid. In Batch Mode, data is stored until the user initiates a wired or wireless data transfer. In RF Mode, data transfers immediately over a wireless connection such as 802.11b or GSM/GPRS. In Hybrid Mode, data accumulates until a connection is made; then, all accumulated records are transferred automatically.

ITScriptNet OMNI takes advantage of wireless connections to use remote validation files, perform remote data lookups, and run remote scripts on the server. These features limit the number of roundtrips through the server, which means users spend more time collecting data and less time waiting for responses.

ITScriptNet OMNI expands out-of-box functionality with value-added features such as IrDA printing support, auto-generation of validation files, ActiveX controls, and support for external device input. ITScriptNet OMNI also enables you to print to Bluetooth or 802.11b printers.

ITScriptNet OMNI enables developers to harness the multifunctional data collection capabilities of Dolphin terminals, including keypad and touch panel input, 1D and 2D bar code scanning, and image capture. In addition, ITScriptNet OMNI delivers powerful programming tools such as VB Scripting, conditional branching, indexed validation files and pick lists, and data formatting support for text files, Excel, Access databases, and ODBC data sources.

With the power, flexibility, and ease-of-use of ITScriptNet OMNI, you can create a wide range of data collection solutions for inventory control, asset management, warehousing, retail, meter reading, document tracking, and production tracking.


  • Familiar User Interface - ITScriptNet OMNI is based on the same user interface and development platform as ITScriptNet Batch with added wireless features and functions.
  • Multiple Platform Support - Applications can be written for Dolphin 7200, 7300, and 7400 Series Windows CE and Pocket PC platforms and the Dolphin 9500 Series Pocket PC 2002 and Windows Mobile Software for Pocket PC 2003 platforms.
  • Batch, RF, and Hybrid Modes - Allows data transmission to the host in real-time when connected but will store data and transmit later when not connected.
  • Remote Lookups - Use real-time data residing on the network to verify data or to lookup information from any Dolphin terminal.
  • Remote Scripts - Use your Dolphin terminal to call business logic available on the network and receive results from the host.
  • Fast Program Upload - Use the wireless connection to transfer data collection programs from the server to the Dolphin with lightning speed.
  • Print Directly to Wireless Printers - String and File functions make printing to 802.11b and Bluetooth™ printers easy.

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