CK70 (Refresh)/Alpha CK70AA5KNU6W2100

Intermec CK70/CK71 Mobile Computer

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CK70 (Refresh)/Alpha CK70AA5KNU6W2100

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CK70 (Refresh)/Alpha

Part#: CK70AA5KNU6W2100

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Intermec CK71 Mobile Computers

Intermec CK71 mobile computers are ultra-rugged, making them ideal for scanning 1D and 2D barcodes in the toughest environments.

A beautiful blend of ruggedness, duty cycle, and ergonomics, the CK71s are widely used in manufacturing plants, distribution centers, pharmacies, labs, and retail stores to track assets, patients, pharmaceuticals, and inventory. And these top performers don’t disappoint.

With one of the industry’s fastest and farthest imaging engines, the omnidirectional CK71s can capture barcodes up to 50 feet away, eliminating the need for specialized scanners. They also can read labels at speeds of 500 inches per second with extraordinary tolerance to hand or barcode movement.

Because Intermec designed these ergonomically friendly handheld devices 31 percent smaller and lighter than other models in their class, industrial environments realize gains in productivity. Workers simply find these mobile computers easier to use, thereby preventing user fatigue that can slow operations.

Being lighter doesn’t necessarily take away from the CK71s’ durability. These workhorses are housed in premium, industrial-grade materials that withstand multiple drops onto concrete from distances up to 8 feet. They also survive more than 2,000 tumbles and boast one of the highest sealing ratings at IP67. This guarantees superior resistance to liquids and dust particles for lasting operations.

Wireless coverage is never an issue for the Intermec CK71 mobile computers. They are equipped with dual band 802.11 n WLAN radios for solid performance and quick response times in areas that are notoriously slow when using traditional 802.11 a/b/g products.

For maximum versatility, Intermec offers a non-incendive model for hazardous, closely monitored conditions with a real potential for explosions.

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