Intermec CV30 Fixed Mount Computer CV30A0E1000804

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Part#: CV30A0E1000804

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Intermec CV30 Fixed Mount Computer

Offering high-performance and flexibility, the Intermec CV30 Fixed Mount Computer has a rugged design, which is capable of delivering real-time data to users. The CV30 is ideal for warehousing or manufacturing operations, and works to increase safety, enhance efficiency, and improve operator productivity and performance.

The computer is uniquely engineered so it can withstand the wet and dirty conditions found in an industrial environment while meeting user demands. It features a housing made of cast magnesium, a solid state design, and heated display, ensuring that it meets and exceeds military and industrial standards.

The Intermec CV30 Fixed Mount Computer screen provides users with maximum unobstructed visibility, without compromising durability. The wireless connectivity and integrated support for hands-free data capture helps to maximize productivity while reducing the need for users to manage countless wires and cables.

Users can choose the operating system, with the CV30 offering Windows Mobile 5.0 or Microsoft Windows CE.NET software. The computer also includes the latest radio technology to ensure it can easily integrate with several wireless environments. Thanks to the addition of the Intermec’s SmartSystems, the CV30 is able to be used remotely for managing peripherals including RFID and Bluetooth scanners.

Some of the other features offered by Intermec CV30 Fixed Mount Computer include:

  • Superior flexibility with features to ensure superior performance.
  • Small full-screen footprint.
  • Designed for easy use with gloved hands.
  • Increases forklift safety by improving driver visibility.
  • Versatile ACD Control Center allows real-time decision making.
  • Ability to mount on a vehicle or wall.
  • Ability to withstand moist and dirty working conditions.

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