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Symbol Motorola LS2208 vs. LS3578 vs. LS4208 vs. DS6708

When it comes to barcode scanners for inventory control, asset tracking, and healthcare, the Symbol Motorola LS2208, LS3578, LS4208, and DS6708 models have you covered for nearly every barcode scanning application requirement. But, each of these popular models have several key features to keep in mind when choosing which is right for your application, including whether 1D or 2D scanning is ... Read More »

A New Intrinsically Safe Mobile Device Explodes on the Barcoding Scene

I-Safe Mobile Computers

Intrinsically safe (I-Safe) mobile devices aren’t an option in environments where ignitable gas, dust, and fibers present a possible hazard. Even doing the simplest of tasks has the potential for a combustible outcome when working in spaces like these. Explosion-proof mobile computers aren’t new. But thanks to advancements in barcode technology, companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and other ... Read More »

A Visit from Honeywell

Hello readers, it has been far too long. No, we did not forget about you…we would never do that. We have simply been hard at work making…get ready for this…a new product catalog! Settle down, I know you are excited, and don’t worry your copy should be coming soon; they mailed out on May 7th. So, now that you know ... Read More »

The Great Blackout of 2012

CAPTAIN’S LOG Start Date: June 7th, 2012 I write this to you in relative comfort and safety. Things have stabilized now; our world is as it should be. I write this not only in memorandum, but also in hopes that future generations can see how we prevailed, and know that there is hope. I have seen tragedies before; the Cowboys ... Read More »


Hello again readers! Today I am going to tell you the tale of LIFO and FIFO. Now, before you get too excited we are talking about inventory methods, not Hobbits or Elves. Do I still have any readers left? Good, we shall continue then. LIFO stands for Last In, First Out and FIFO stands for First In, First Out, simple ... Read More »

RFID Gets a Texas-Sized Makeover

Finally a toll tag that I can be proud to hang in my window. NTTA has brought you the Dallas Cowboy Toll Tag! Written by John Boyer, System ID Account Manager For under $25 you can own one. Available thru the official fan stores for a limited time. You will need to call the NTTA and register the new tag ... Read More »

Barcode Junkie

How a simple app saved my frugality by getting rid of my barcode fob addiction Written by John Boyer, SystemID Account Manager Mentally say “yes” if you have a barcoded keyring fob or membership card in your wallet. It was easy to get, right? Just fill out a brief intrusion into your life and off you go to savings bliss. ... Read More »

How to Market to Different Personality Styles

Our marketing team recently attended a business writing seminar. Hands down, we all agreed that the most valuable lesson learned was about different behavioral styles. These styles greatly influence how you communicate and how you receive communication (i.e. product marketing and sales pitches!)  Read More »

RFID vs. Barcodes

We are in the midst of an epic battle: barcodes vs. RFID, the underdog vs. the favorite, dare I say, good vs. evil. Well, maybe not that kind of a battle, but there are a lot of heated discussions about barcoding and RFID.  Read More »