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How Redbox Uses 2D Barcodes

Have you seen or do you use Redbox? They are the red boxes that look like vending machines but instead of selling candy or soda, they offer DVD rentals. You can find them outside of gas stations, convenience stores, or large retail stores. In a recent excursion to rent Star Trek, I noticed on the DVD that there were two ... Read More »

Economy Showing Signs of Stability, Yet Uncertainty Will Extend Recovery

At the end of a tough 2009, we are still in the thick of the worst economic downturn in recent history.┬áSmall and large businesses alike are struggling to survive, much less remain profitable. Personnel cuts, expense reductions, and limited capital expenditures have taken their toll on once-thriving businesses. Yet there is reason for optimism heading into 2010. Economic trends are ... Read More »

Tips for Reducing Payroll Expenses

No matter the industry, a company’s single greatest expense is payroll. What is the best way to track that expense and make sure there aren’t areas needing improvement? Handwritten time sheets or punch card clocks are time consuming and error-prone, not to mention highly susceptible to outright time theft with “buddy punching”, where an employee will punch their friend’s time ... Read More »

Get A Grip On Your IP Based Devices

7am Black Friday morning, as I navigated through the bustling crowd of Christmas shoppers in a popular, national department store chain, I saw a Motorola MC9090 perched on top of a rack of shoes, apparently abandoned. I paused and looked around for the employee that was responsible for this $2000+ mobile computer that could access the store’s data on inventory ... Read More »

Mobile Apps Spurs Small Business Growth

You have probably seen the commercials from the competing cellular carriers boasting that they have the most coverage, the most speed, the lowest rates, and generally are the best choice for your cellular provider. Their competition for customers has resulted in technology innovations that put a wealth of information in the palm of our hands. Is this technology only for ... Read More »

Tips for Reducing Retail Shrink

Every retailer has felt the pain of inventory shrinkage. In fact, many would say it’s their biggest problem. While the effects of the recession are still being felt everywhere and the busy Christmas shopping season is looming in front of us, shrinkage has got to be on the forefront of retailers’ minds. Retail shrink is defined as a discrepancy in ... Read More »