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How Uber Transformed More Than Just Transportation

Smiling woman texting for Uber at the street

It’s been said that 2017 will be the year that retail begins to undergo “Uberization.” In a few short years, Uber has gone from simply a new take on calling a car to shorthand for completely overhauling an industry, particularly from a mobile perspective. So what does it mean for retail to be Uberized? How can it move boldly into ... Read More »

Barcode Labels That Beat the Heat


Businesses of all sizes and across all industries are increasingly coming to the same realization: Barcodes and barcode labels are incredibly helpful tools, great for keeping inventory and assets organized as part of a larger control system. Amazon uses them to keep track of everything in their massive, chaotic warehouses; small businesses and government agencies use them to record the location ... Read More »

What Barcode Printer is Best for Your Business?


Barcode printing is probably not something you think about very often. Just because you aren’t thinking about it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. The applications for barcode printers are almost endless, from checkout lines to stocking supplies, or even processing police tickets. There are many ways that barcode printers can help your business, and the market is growing. To get the most ... Read More »

Porsche Parts Distribution Centre Runs Faster with Zebra Printers


Zebra Printers Keep International Supply Chain Seamless As a business grows, its supply chain becomes more complex. Not only are there more products to distribute to more clients, there’s an increased number of touch points along the way, and that opens up more opportunity for human error. For instance, the European automotive industry is experiencing significant growth in retail and ... Read More »

Why Small Businesses Need a Barcode Inventory System


Most business owners are always looking to implement new strategies to make their daily operations run smoother, easier and more efficiently.  One very basic way to streamline business operations often gets overlooked.  It’s not flashy and the practice itself has been around for a long time (which makes it more surprising it gets overlooked so often).  Implementing a dedicated barcode inventory system is ... Read More »

Are You Outgrowing Your Inventory Management System?

Are You Outgrowing Your Inventory Management System?

One of the best problems you can have is a business that is getting too big for its current inventory management practices. This not only means that you’ve achieved the holy grail of business, rapid growth, but also that you have the opportunity to improve your company’s efficiency with new and exciting technologies. Of the many businesses moving towards inventory ... Read More »

Barcode Printer: The Complete Printer Buying Guide (Infographic)


With barcodes used predominantly on everything around us today, from the products in your household to the tickets to an event you may be attending this weekend, barcodes have become a part of everyday life. Before a barcode is used to track inventory across the globe, it must first be printed. It is essential for manufacturers to have the correct ... Read More »

Inventory Control: The First Step in Supply Chain Management


The supply chain for any business involves everything from securing materials from a supplier to transporting a finished product to the customer. Most business owners aren’t involved in the day-to-day operations of their suppliers and transporters. To maintain efficiency throughout the supply chain process, businesses should first focus on inventory control. Inventory is the raw materials, work-in-progress goods and finished ... Read More »

Delivering Products on Time with Zebra Barcode Printers


One of the most challenging aspects in any business — big or small — is improving logistical efficiency with growth. As the ebb and flows of your business becomes more complicated, how do you build a network that sustains accuracy and productivity? A key solution is finding reliable technology that enables you to trace and identify goods no matter where ... Read More »