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Why Are My Inventory Audits Always Incorrect?

Why Are My Inventory Audits Always Incorrect?

Sound familiar? After finally getting around to their annual inventory audits, some businesses uncover major inaccuracies and are puzzled as to their cause. Conducting routine inventory audits using the right inventory management system ensures that items on a balance sheet actually exist and are owned by a company. They also evaluate the condition of the inventory, noting items that are ... Read More »

I can also usually tell if you’re going through a divorce or

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They may work on these projects at all hours of the day

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Manufacturers Want 3rd Party Logistics Partners, Not Suppliers

Like many service providers, 3rd party logistics providers (3PLs) face massive changes if they want to compete in the global marketplace. Manufacturers’ needs are changing as technologies, industries, and devices converge. Instead of fragmented services, supply chain companies require integrated solutions that support their business models. This shift is gaining traction as 3PLs expand across geographic regions and target new ... Read More »

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But I start selling drugs And now I can’t redo my life

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Big Data Challenges Wireless Networks, CIOs

Big Data Challenges Wireless Networks, CIOs | System ID

Big data is moving in with adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. And with it comes big challenges for wireless networks and CIOs who must securely manage the influx of information. In their NI Trend Watch 2015 report, National Instruments (NI) summarizes the situation by saying, “The idea of a smarter world where systems with sensors and local ... Read More »