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Zebra Link-OS Makes Barcode Printers Smarter

Zebra Link-OS

Barcode printers are acting smarter and growing more mobile, thanks to the newly launched Zebra Link-OS from Zebra Technologies. This package, which includes a software development kit and software apps, makes Zebra printers easier to integrate, manage, and maintain. It may sound complex, but the result is simple. Zebra Link-OS connects Zebra printers to the cloud. That means they can ... Read More »

Why Support Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday

I come from a long line of small business owners. My maternal grandmother created high-end draperies and duvets for Dallas’ finest families through her small, but successful, business. My dad’s grandfather owned a jewelry store in downtown McKinney, Texas, where his son—my grandfather—later opened a 14-stool diner. That business grew into a popular eating establishment where everybody in town gathered ... Read More »

Build a Lean Supply Chain with Data and Labeling Standards

VDC Research Group

Do you know how to build a lean supply chain so your company can remain competitive? In a 2013 white paper by VDC Research Group, author Richa Gupta, VDC analyst, claims that data and labeling standards are the best way to achieve supply chain collaboration. “In order to stay productive, competitive, and relevant in the post-recession era, businesses are building leaner supply ... Read More »

Linear Barcode Symbologies

Code 128 Barcode

Linear barcode symbologies—such as UPC, EAN, and GS1-128—are one-dimensional barcodes that contain a sequence of vertical black bars and white spaces that define a set of numbers or letters. Because of their limited storage space of 85 characters, these barcodes are used to retrieve information stored in a database unlike 2D barcodes, which store information in the code. Similar to a ... Read More »

Top 10 Reasons to Use 2D Barcodes

The Datalogic Gryphon 4400 scanner is a popular choice for reading 2D barcodes. Rugged and reliable, this general purpose scanner effortlessly handles a wide range of applications.

So, you’ve been thinking about switching to 2D barcodes but haven’t quite convinced yourself to pull the trigger? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 reasons to use 2D barcodes instead of linear ones. Did your favorite reason make the list? Let us know! 1. You can read damaged barcodes. 2D barcodes use error-protection formulas that keep information intact ... Read More »

Dog Dodges a Drug Disaster

I took my dog, Snoopy, to the vet a few days before Christmas and got some bad news…cancer! He is 12 years old and has had a great life but I was still willing to do almost anything to extend his life. Read More »

Symbol Barcode Scanner, Batter Up!

OK, I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen these videos before. Someone drops a mobile computer off of a building or runs over it with a car and the device not only looks fine, but is fully functional as well. While effective, and probably a little closer to reality than hitting it with a bat, it is not nearly as ... Read More »

Motorola’s New Enterprise Android Tablet vs. iPad2

Wow! The Motorola ET1 Enterprise Android Tablet is the coolest thing I have seen in the AIDC industry since the introduction of RFID (I may be dating myself with that comment). This device may change everything. How we find products or check-out at our local grocery or retail store. How we are admitted and treated bedside in the hospital. Even ... Read More »