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Why Companies Should Invest In Their Human Work Force

Group of business people standing in a row. Focus is on young happy businessman looking at the camera. Isolated on white.

Automation is a loaded word in the American business world nowadays. Robots, drones, software, and artificial intelligence have moved off the pages of science-fiction into our warehouses, manufacturing plants, and retail floor spaces—but while they usher in a time of exciting growth, efficiency, and progress, they also portend a future where humans don’t have much to do. That’s a scary ... Read More »

Supply Chain and Logistic Trends: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

3d rendering delivery drone flying with cityscape background

The universal constant remains in effect. Change is coming to the world of supply chains and logistics. What sorts of new approaches and evolved methods will you come across and how can you best incorporate them into your organization’s ways? Let’s take a look at five up and coming trends in SC&L. Robotics Automation continues to be at the forefront ... Read More »

Play time’s over, Geoffrey: The downfall of Toys ‘R’ Us

shopping trolley with a number of toys

Geoffrey the Giraffe learned a hard lesson: Toys ‘R’ Us, the nation’s largest toy store chain, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sept. 18. The retailer owes in the neighborhood of$5 billion , much of it held over from 2005. Under Chapter 11, Toys ‘R’ Us can keeps its stores open and operate under relatively normal conditions, however the ... Read More »

Why Your Business Is Like An NFL Football Team

Selective focus of a Pro American leather football sitting on an aluminum bench along with a red football helmet and grass in the background.

If you’re a business owner in 2017, your company may be more like an NFL (or college, if that’s more your speed) football team than you might realize. Many organizations are undergoing technological transformations as digital, automated tools become the norm—but in many ways, these organizations are still lacking behind by failing to upgrade important aspects of their model, particularly ... Read More »

How Inventory Management Makes the Holidays Merry

stack of gifts for Christmas holidays

The retail industry is already well into the holiday spirit. Take a stroll into any specialty shop or local department store and you will notice at least one aisle decked out with reds, greens, and shiny tinsel. You’ve likely had to make this seemingly fast transition from back-to-school into the winter holidays as well. Don’t let yourself get too wrapped ... Read More »

How To Use Your Fixed Assets To Get A Small Business Loan For The Holidays

DSLR picture of a man arm paying christmas or holiday gifts with a credit card using NFC or contactless payment technology.

Businesses everywhere are gearing up for the most important time of the year: the holiday season, which begins earlier and earlier as eCommerce retailers and brick-and-mortar small businesses compete to win shoppers’ attention. And in 2017, the holiday shopping season is expected to be bigger than ever, according to the National Retail Federation. And in 2017, the holiday shopping season ... Read More »

Inventory Management Tips for Creative Entrepreneurs

Latin American woman thinking of creative sales ideas at the office to put in a wall chart

As an artisan, you want to focus on perfecting your art and envisioning new ideas. But as a small business owner, you may feel the everyday tasks of running a business get in the way.  And as your business expands, it’s likely getting harder to keep up with both the creative and management sides of your company. Perhaps you spend ... Read More »

Why Barcodes Almost Never Fail

Most modern businesses that deal with transporting inventory and assets from one place to another—from a supplier to the company warehouse, or to a customer’s doorstep—understand the need for a barcode-based management system. The days of manually calculating inventory levels with a pencil and pad are long gone. But why? What makes barcodes so effective, almost never failing in ways ... Read More »

The Warehouses of the Future

3d rendering drone in empty factory

If you’re above a certain age, you likely have an outdated image in your head of what a warehouse looks like. (And if you’re below that age, you likely don’t think about warehouses at all.) Those involved in the intricacies of warehousing—small business owners who want transparency in their supply chain, for example—know that the warehouse is changing, and the ... Read More »