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The North American Free Trade Agreement

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Generally speaking, 2017 has been a good year for business, with consumer confidence on the rise, the stock market hitting all-time highs, and hundreds of thousands of jobs being added each month. If there’s one area that business owners need to exercise caution and thoughtfulness, however, it’s in regards to their supply chains, which could be greatly affected by a ... Read More »

How To Build A Smarter Warehouse

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the business world—specifically retail—has undergone a massive change over the last few years. The way we shop has been altered dramatically, and as a result the way companies produce, store, and ship their inventory has changed as well. With everything else in our lives undergoing a technological overhaul, it’s time ... Read More »

What To Do With Your Distribution Center Metrics?

Businessman checking inventory in stock room of a manufacturing company on touchscreen tablet

To run a successful, small business, it’s imperative that your distribution center (DC) runs efficiently.  After all, the health of your business and the satisfaction of your customers depend on you having popular items in stock and orders shipped on time. Perhaps in the past year, you’ve moved from manual inventory tracking, like spreadsheets or handwritten records, to an automated ... Read More »

Supply and Demand Meets Consumer Demand

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Changes in the supply chain and how the modern consumer continues to influence its progress Do you remember the days of old when you would mail in a slip of paper and a check? In exchange, you could expect a package to grace your doorstep – within about two months. Then came toll-free, call-now numbers that could take your credit ... Read More »

How the Sharing Economy Has Changed the Supply Chain

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  There was a time not too long ago when the thought of getting into a stranger’s car, or sleeping in their bed, was unthinkable. We only trusted cab drivers to ferry us from place to place, or hotels to rent us rooms when we were away from home. Today, we consider these things relatively normal, thanks to the work ... Read More »

‘Tis the Season To Prep 2018 Taxes: Asset Management Can Save You Time

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Tax season has passed and next April will come along before you know it. Did you collect your gross receipts and banking statements? Travel expense logs? Equipment vouchers? The equipment itself? Maybe? What about inventory documents? Did you gather them together? Can you find them all? Leases? Payroll accounts? Insurance information? If you rely solely on your accounting or, even worse, ... Read More »

How Small Businesses Can Survive the Age Of Free Shipping

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It’s not easy for small businesses that sell online—or exist at all, really—to survive in the shadows of retail giants like Amazon, Wal-Mart, and Target. The giants have too much economy of scale, bigger advertising budgets, and cozy relationships with logistics companies that cut them deals. No part of the online shopping industry represents this advantage better than the concept ... Read More »

The Biggest Supply Chain Trends

Shot of two warehouse workers standing on stairs using a digital tablet and looking at paperwork

We’re still just starting the year 2017, and already there are some important supply chain trends to take note of. This is a space that is always in flux—those involved in logistics are constantly looking for the next big advantage or step forward in technology to cut costs and increase efficiency—but 2017 feels like we’re on the precipice of even ... Read More »

2017’s Emerigng and Under-the-Radar Retail Trends

Young beautiful women at the weekly cloth market - Best friends sharing free time having fun and shopping in the old town in a sunny day - Girlfriends enjoying everyday life moments

The year 2017 is an exciting time to be alive, and believe it or not, the world of retail is no exception. Retail is an ever-changing space, susceptible to changes in technology, popular culture, and the ever-volatile economy—and because of that, there are always new trends on the horizon. Many experts believe we are on the cusp of great changes ... Read More »

What Are Some Of the Challenges of Going Global?

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As a business owner, you have goals and dreams for your company. However, economic growth continues to be a challenge facing small businesses in the U.S.  In fact, the 2017 State of Small Business Report found the following to be true: 39 percent of small businesses struggle with growing revenue. 46 percent found increasing profits to be their Achilles heel. ... Read More »