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Top Golf and RFID

I love working for System ID. We truly have the best people! Our sales manager, Paul Bowman, shows his staff and the teams who support them appreciation over and over again. Each quarter, he hosts an awards night. No, it’s not getting all dressed up in clothes that you can’t breathe in and shoes you can’t wait to take off… ... Read More »

You put a QR code Where?

So, the general belief is that when we pass from this life, our belongings, our “stuff”, doesn’t go with us. We leave it all behind and the memory of who we once were is carried on in our loved ones’ hearts. Generations later, we are someone’s mysterious ancestors, with little more than a name marked on stone with dates of ... Read More »

How to Use QR Codes for Marketing

… the right way. I know what you are thinking…another blog about those QR codes. Haven’t we been saturated enough by these things? Well, yes. But, they are the “new and happening thing” right now, so we must follow suit and use them! Read More »

Barcode Art Muscles into Manufacturing

It’s a fact. Black and white barcodes are not sexy, beautiful, or even interesting to look at. They don’t do back flips, are not colorful, nor do they make you dream of puppies and winning the lottery while looking at them. But, that’s all about to change with the advent of BARCODE ART. The new sensation that’s rocking the nation! Read More »