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Barcode Basics

  • Choosing the Right Barcode

    There are hundreds of different kinds of barcodes out there. Choosing the right one to use can be a daunting task. In this blog, we’ll explain the mos...

  • Meet Jamie Duerksen, the System ID Barcode Printing Pro

    Meet Jamie Duerksen, the System ID Barcode Printing Pro

    When I joined System ID in 2011, I never dreamt I would become the company’s barcode printing pro! After all, my life-long dream was to become a...

  • The Fundamentals of Inventory Control

    On July 21, 2011, System ID hosted “The Fundamentals of Inventory Control” webinar. This webinar teaches you all about inventory control and its benef...

  • Barcode Symbologies

    Barcode Symbologies

    Barcode symbologies (also commonly called barcodes) are universally recognized code languages that are standardized by the International Organization ...

  • How to Pick a Barcode Label

    Choosing the right barcode label or tag for your application can seem a bit overwhelming. There are many factors that dictate which label or tag will ...

  • System ID Barcode Glossary

    System ID Barcode Glossary

    New to barcoding? The System ID Barcode Glossary contains terms specific to the automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) and barcode industrie...

Best Barcode Labels for Manufacturing

Best Barcode Labels for Manufacturing

We are often asked, “What are the best barcode labels for my manufacturing operations?” Before our label experts recommend the right labels, we ask questions about how the labels will be used, where the labeled items will be stored, to which surface they will be attached, and the size of the labeling area. As you know, every environment has different ... Read More »

How to Select the Right Inventory Control System

Select the right inventory control system from System ID.

An inventory control system uses barcodes or RFID to automatically manage and track physical items such as products, consumables, fixed assets, and equipment. With the right solution, companies can reduce unnecessary expenses and significantly improve productivity. The challenges of inventory management Inventory levels constantly change as items enter and exit manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Not only is it critical ... Read More »

Thermal Transfer vs Direct Thermal Printing: Which is Best?

Black Tie Labels by System ID

The battle of thermal transfer vs direct thermal printing is most often won by answering a simple question: Do you require long-lasting barcodes to identify products and tag assets, or do you need to print items with shorter shelf lives, such as shipping labels, receipts, or tickets? Most organizations with dedicated barcode systems use either thermal transfer or direct thermal ... Read More »

Direct Thermal Printing Costs Less, Best for Short-Term Use

Zebra RW420PS Mobile Printer

Direct thermal printing is broadly used by a number of industries to create barcode labels for multiple applications. Like thermal transfer printing, it uses heat generated from a print head to create an image. However, direct thermal printing differs from thermal transfer in that it doesn’t use ribbons, ink, or toner to print images on labels. How does direct thermal ... Read More »

What is RFID and How Does it Work?

RFID Warehouse

We’re often asked, “What is RFID and how does it work?” Simply stated, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is similar to barcodes in that it is an automatic identification system used to track and capture information about products, assets, and inventory. But instead of using barcodes, it embeds tiny microchips and antennas in RFID tags, which contain rich data about items. Passive ... Read More »

Thermal Transfer Printing Produces High-Quality Barcode Labels That Last


Thermal transfer printing is one of the most widely used print technologies for dedicated barcode systems. Ideal for a variety of applications, thermal transfer printers use a heated print head and a thin ribbon to create high-quality, long-lasting barcode labels. How does thermal transfer printing work? Barcode ribbons have a wax, resin, or a wax/resin coating on one side. When ... Read More »

How to Purchase a Mobile Computer

Intermec CN4e

So, you’ve decided to purchase a mobile computer. Now what? To ensure you buy the right solution for your organization, start by identifying your requirements for: Mobile Computer Type Scan Engine Operating System Connectivity Software Applications Features Accessories Budget Mobile Computer Type Mobile computers can be categorized into the following types: Handheld Wearable Vehicle-Mounted Tablets Smartphones Hazardous Environment Within each ... Read More »

What is a Mobile Computer?

Intermec CN70

Customers often have questions about mobile computing such as, “What is a mobile computer? Is it a wireless barcode scanner, tablet, or smart phone? Or is it any mobile device used for scanning?” The answers may surprise you. Like wireless scanners, mobile computers scan barcodes and capture data. They both support multiple interface options and come in a variety of ... Read More »

Types of Mobile Computers

Datalogic Rhino

There are several types of  that benefit businesses in industries across the globe. Each type comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles with features unique to certain environments. For example, there are vehicle-mount mobile computers that attach to trucks and forklifts and handheld devices for environments that where the potential for explosions exists. There are even wearable computers ... Read More »

System ID Mobile Computer FAQs

Mobile Computer FAQs

Our mobile computer FAQs provide answers to questions commonly asked about these wireless devices. Browse this list to learn more. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact System ID at 1.855.484.8149. An advisor can help you select the right mobile computer for your specific needs. Mobile Computer Basics What is a mobile computer? When shopping for ... Read More »