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Barcode Basics

System ID Barcode Scanner FAQs

Barcode Scanner FAQs

Our barcode scanner FAQs provide answers to questions commonly asked about scanners. Browse this list to learn more. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact System ID. Barcode Scanner Basics What is a barcode scanner? Also known as a barcode reader, a barcode scanner is an electronic device that captures data stored in printed barcodes. It ... Read More »

Compare 1D and 2D Barcode Scanners

Datalogic QD2400

To compare 1D and 2D barcode scanners, it’s helpful to know which scan engine reads what type of barcode. 1D barcode scanners Laser scanners are the most popular type of barcode scan engine because they can scan barcodes at distances greater than two feet. However, they only read linear, or one-dimensional (1D), barcodes such as UPC-A, which is widely used ... Read More »

Types of Barcode Scanners

Wearable Scanner

There are several types of barcode scanners with a wide variety of features that benefit specific environments, applications, and industries. Each scanner falls into one of the following categories: Handheld – The most popular type of scanner, handheld barcode scanners perform a variety of functions and come in both corded and cordless (wireless) styles. Mobile computers – Mobile computers combine ... Read More »

Do You Need a Corded or Cordless Barcode Scanner?

Wasp WLS9500 Barcode Scanner

Sometimes after determining the barcode scan engine and scanner type, users need help deciding whether to purchase a corded or cordless barcode scanner. There are several factors to consider, including how you will use the device. For example, retailers may use an in-counter scanner for point-of-sale  transactions and a handheld scanner to take inventory. Therefore, they may purchase both corded and ... Read More »

Barcode Scan Engines

Barcode Scanner Types

There are three primary barcode scan engines: laser, linear imager, and 2D area imager. Each works differently to accommodate the needs of specific environments and industries. Laser A laser scan engine shoots a laser beam toward a mirror. The mirror moves, which causes the laser to sweep across the barcode in a straight line. A diode measures the level of reflection ... Read More »

What is a Barcode Scanner?

Datalogic PowerScan 700 2D

Customers new to barcoding typically ask, “What is a barcode scanner?” The answer is simple:  A barcode scanner—also known as a barcode reader—is an electronic device that decodes and physically captures information contained in barcodes. It consists of the following components, which work together to collect the data contained in a printed barcode: Light source – Illuminates the barcode for ... Read More »

What’s the Difference Between a Wireless Barcode Scanner and a Mobile Computer?

Motorola et1 tablet

We are often asked to explain the difference between a wireless barcode scanner and a mobile computer. It’s easy to confuse the two. In fact, many people think a mobile computer is a cordless scanner—which is partially true. You can wirelessly capture and transfer data using both a cordless scanner and a mobile computer, but that’s where the similarities end. ... Read More »


RFID tag

Want to know more about RFID? Scan our RFID FAQs for questions commonly asked about this popular technology. How RFID Works How can you tell whether a tag is going in or out of an area? The most reliable and cost-effective solution for tracking the direction assets are moving is to use infrared sensors with fixed RFID readers. A common practice ... Read More »

System ID Barcode FAQs

Barcode FAQs

Have a question about barcoding? See our list of barcode FAQs below. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, try our System ID Barcode Glossary. Barcode Basics What is a barcode? A barcode is a series of bars, blocks, and white spaces that represent numbers and letters. Those numbers and letters contain data, such as part and SKU numbers, ... Read More »

How to Get a Barcode

barcode system

Users new to barcoding often ask us how to get a barcode. For your convenience, we’ve outlined the steps below. But first, you have to consider how you will use the barcode. For internal use  If you will only use a barcode to internally track inventory or manage parts on a production line, you can create your own. Simply start ... Read More »