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Barcode Basics


Hello again readers! Today I am going to tell you the tale of LIFO and FIFO. Now, before you get too excited we are talking about inventory methods, not Hobbits or Elves. Do I still have any readers left? Good, we shall continue then. LIFO stands for Last In, First Out and FIFO stands for First In, First Out, simple ... Read More »

RFID vs. Barcodes

We are in the midst of an epic battle: barcodes vs. RFID, the underdog vs. the favorite, dare I say, good vs. evil. Well, maybe not that kind of a battle, but there are a lot of heated discussions about barcoding and RFID.  Read More »

One Application, Any Operating System

Exciting news, readers! Motorola has developed and released new software that may change the industry, or at least the way we think of applications development. RhoElements allows you to develop easy to use applications, regardless of the operating system.  Read More »

The Fundamentals of Inventory Control

On July 21, 2011, System ID hosted “The Fundamentals of Inventory Control” webinar. This webinar teaches you all about inventory control and its benefits. From inventory basics to best practices, this webinar is sure to help you in starting your own inventory control system. Read More »

Zebra Printer How To Videos

System ID and Zebra Technologies collaborated to create the Zebra Educational Series Videos. We began with How To videos focusing on the most popular Zebra models: Xi4 series industrial barcode printers, GK/GX series desktop barcode printers, and QLPlus series mobile barcode printers. Read More »

Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)

The Tomato Scare of 2008. 380 Million Eggs Recalled in August 2010. October 2009 Peanut Butter and Other Peanut Containing products recall. Every year, every month, every day it seems that we hear that some food product is recalled. In order to address this issue, an organization has been created called the “Produce Traceability Initiative.” This organization’s vision is: Supply ... Read More »

UL Labels

UL (Underwriters Laboratory) is an independent, nonprofit product compliance standards and testing organization. It was established in 1903 by insurance companies. They wanted to make sure that products weren’t made inherently unsafe, thus causing more insurance claims. Read More »