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RFID Retail Inventory Management Increases Omnichannel Sales at Macy’s

RFID Retail Inventory Management

RFID has long been touted as the answer to super-efficient supply chains. But RFID retail inventory management is seeing renewed growth. According to a report by Mary Catherine O’Connor with CNN Money, RFID solutions just might be the savior for Walmart, Macy’s, and other brick-and-mortar retailers looking to expand omnichannel sales. Supply chains didn’t deliver results to Walmart You may ... Read More »

Jumbo-Sized Labels No Problem for Zebra 220xi4 Industrial Label Printer


The Zebra 220xi4 industrial label printer creates king-sized labels for rugged, tough environments. Designed to stand up to the most demanding applications, this thermal transfer printer can quickly output wide labels for applications such as chemical drums, banners, shipping pallets/containers, and more. “As a mainstay in Zebra’s product portfolio, the Xi Series printers are known for their reliability in even the ... Read More »

As Barcode Label Market Grows, Solutions Become Integrated, Mobile

Barcode Label Technology

Barcode label technology is transforming from a somewhat simple model to one that’s more powerful, flexible, and mobile. This will contribute to strong growth in the barcode label technology market over the next few years, according to VDC Research, the leading authority on the connected world and the business opportunities it creates for technology vendors and their customers. In the ... Read More »

Build a Lean Supply Chain with Data and Labeling Standards

VDC Research Group

Do you know how to build a lean supply chain so your company can remain competitive? In a 2013 white paper by VDC Research Group, author Richa Gupta, VDC analyst, claims that data and labeling standards are the best way to achieve supply chain collaboration. “In order to stay productive, competitive, and relevant in the post-recession era, businesses are building leaner supply ... Read More »

Thermal Transfer Ribbons Now Available at Lower Price

Black Tie Logo

The thermal transfer ribbon market is becoming increasingly competitive as several new global providers are offering low-cost wax formulations in the United States. What does that mean for businesses like yours? The cost of raw materials is falling, which is forcing manufacturers to lower their prices. We are happy to pass along that savings to you with the introduction of ... Read More »

Meet Nicole Holcomb, the System ID Barcode Label Pro

System ID Label Pro

When my friends ask me what I do for a living, I find it hard to answer without sounding b-o-r-i-n-g. I never thought I would end up in the world of labels—let alone become a barcode label pro. Yet, a lifetime of labeling that began decades ago led to my present-day career and a philosophy that I like to call, ... Read More »

RFID in My Food

“Um. . . excuse me, waiter. There is an RFID tag in my food.” Yes, another interesting concept to use RFID for. Over the years we have heard of many applications for RFID. As with any new technology, I think we sometimes get carried away. Read More »

New Printable RFID Chip Could Greatly Reduce Costs

The industry hasn’t seen the adoption rate of RFID technology that we were expecting so many years ago. Why was that? You’d think with it being pushed through compliance initiatives by the United States’ Department of Defense and a giant, nationwide retailer like Walmart that RFID would have taken off in no time. Thousands of manufacturers would have to be ... Read More »

Tracking Luggage with RFID

Where Are My Bags? This is the question I found myself asking the baggage claim department when I recently landed at DFW International Airport. The response I was given was somewhat shocking to me. I was told that basically we only know that your bag was scanned in when you checked it in and, other than that, we don’t have a ... Read More »