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Meet Jamie Duerksen, the System ID Barcode Printing Pro

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When I joined System ID in 2011, I never dreamt I would become the company’s barcode printing pro! After all, my life-long dream was to become an educator, working with elementary school children in my hometown of Plano, Texas. How, then, did I land at System ID—the one-stop shop for everything barcodes—and earn the title of Product Manager for Custom Labels ... Read More »

Say Goodbye to These Zebra Printers

Zebra recently announced that they are discontinuing two of their best-selling desktop Zebra printers: the 4” TLP/LP 2844 and the 2” TLP/LP 2824 models. These popular printers have had a great run, but Zebra, a leader in the thermal barcoding industry, has decided it’s time for them to go. But, do not worry! There is still time to buy new ... Read More »

Zebra Printer How To Videos

System ID and Zebra Technologies collaborated to create the Zebra Educational Series Videos. We began with How To videos focusing on the most popular Zebra models: Xi4 series industrial barcode printers, GK/GX series desktop barcode printers, and QLPlus series mobile barcode printers. Read More »

The Top 15 Barcode Printers

Continuing with the theme we started last month with the Top 10 Barcode Scanners, we looked at the top barcode printers over the last 10 years (based on sales). Unlike barcode scanners, there is a bit wider of variation in the types of barcode printers available. Just like it wouldn’t be fair to compare college football teams to NFL teams, ... Read More »

Barcode Labs Offers 3-Year Warranty on All Barcode Equipment

Barcode Labs, the industry leader in used barcode equipment, is extending their warranty to 3 years on all of their products until the end of the year. Barcode Labs has over 20 years of technical expertise and carries one of the industry’s largest selections of used barcode inventory, including both legacy and current models. Read More »

End of Service for Zebra S600 Barcode Printers

Effective September 30, 2010, Zebra Technologies will no longer support S600 barcode printers. It was discontinued in June 2007 and Zebra’s recommended replacement is the S4M barcode printer. Once the End of Service date arrives, Zebra will not offer tech support or repair services for the S600. Read More »

Mobile Printer Labels that Last

Mobile printing definitely has advantages over stationary printing: being able to print on the fly, not having to walk back to a print station, not printing large batches, and reducing duplicate prints. For the longest time there was a void in mobile printing however. Whenever someone would need a label that could endure high temperatures or moisture or chemicals, there ... Read More »

Improving Patient Safety with Barcoded Wristbands

 The importance of patient safety has always been a necessity and accomplishing this has not always been easy. The “Five Rights of Medication Safety” were created to aid in that goal. Nurses and medical assistants try to ensure that the right patient gets the right drug in the right dose via the right route at the right time. Using handwritten ... Read More »