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Big Changes for Popular Honeywell Barcode Scanner

Ok, so we have some good news and some bad news; which do you want first? Let’s pretend that while writing this, I hear the collective voice of our readers say, “We want the bad news first.” Ask and you shall receive. The bad news is Honeywell will be discontinuing one of their most popular barcode scanners: the 3800g. Collective GASP…now before you start punching your computer screen, remember, there is good news.

The popular Honeywell 3800g will be discontinued and replaced with the Hyperion 1300g, which will share accessories and programming with other Honeywell scanners.

Later this month, Honeywell will be introducing the Hyperion 1300g, which is a direct replacement to the 3800g that you all know and love. The 1300g is essentially the exact same barcode scanner as its predecessor with a few small differences.

“But why?!” I can hear you saying again. Why would they replace a perfectly good scanner with basically the same scanner? Well, if you have a few minutes, we would love to fill you in.

The answer to your question is YOU. Honeywell asked users of their scanners what they could improve upon. They found that having barcode scanners on a common scanning platform was the overwhelming answer.

In the past, the 3800g used different cables and accessories than the other Honeywell scanners, such as the Voyager and Xenon. Well, not anymore. From this point forward, all new Honeywell scanners will use the same accessories, drivers and configuration tools. Given the success of the 3800g, it only made sense to ensure the replacement is compatible with the new scanning platform.

See, you only thought it didn’t make any sense; there is a method to this madness. The same scanner made easier, for you, the user. Feel free to call your favorite Honeywell reseller (hint: System ID) to express your gratitude and try one out.

Now that you know the scoop, see below for the similarities and differences between the 3800g and the 1300g:

Key Elements/Differences:

The Hyperion 1300g is the same as the 3800g in terms of:

  • Scan performance
  • Features/behavior
  • Housing
  • Price

The key differences are that the Hyperion 1300g now offers:

  • Compatibility with the Honeywell common platform (Xenon 1900 and Voyager 1200g scanners):
    • Cables
    • Power supplies
    • Configuration utility – EZ Config
    • Drivers – OPOS, JPOS, POS4NET and USB Serial
    • Command language
  • Automatic interface detection and configuration
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