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End of Service for Zebra S600 Barcode Printers

Effective September 30, 2010, Zebra Technologies will no longer support S600 barcode printers. It was discontinued in June 2007 and Zebra’s recommended replacement is the S4M barcode printer. Once the End of Service date arrives, Zebra will not offer tech support or repair services for the S600.

The S4M has many of the same features as the S600 plus some enhanced features:

S600                                                       S4M

Polycarbonate plastic case                    Die-cast metal frame with sheet metal enclosure

203 dpi print resolution                          203 or 300 dpi print resolution

1MB Flash, 2MB DRAM                          4MB Flash, 8MB DRAM

RS232 and Parallel ports                        RS232, Parallel, and USB ports

Control panel with LEDs                         Back-lit LCD control panel

List price starting at $1395                    List price starting at $1145

Take the time now to make sure your S600 is running smoothly and you’re stocked up on print heads, platen rollers, and supplies. Or start the transition now to the S4M.

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