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Fast and Flexible, Intermec CN51 Was Designed for Workers on the Go

The Intermec CN51 was designed with flexibility in mind.

Perhaps the ultimate watchword when dealing with a mobile workforce, flexibility must span everything from a mobile computer’s portability and computing power to its operating system and network options.

Rugged and powerful, the Intermec CN51 offers buyers a choice of Android or Windows operating systems on a single device.


The screen on the Intermec CN51 offers plenty of space to read maps and capture signatures, while being easy on the eyes.

“With support for both Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 and Android 4.1, the industry-leading CN51 underscores our commitment to innovation and ability to meet the diverse needs of a global workforce,” said Peter Fehl, vice president for global marketing at Honeywell Scanning & Mobility.

Packed with user-friendly features

The Intermec CN51 provides a powerful solution for a wide range of mobile workers, including:

  • Direct store delivery
  • Transportation
  • Logistics
  • Field service operations

One of the device’s most attractive features for mobile workers, the large multi-touch screen can be read outdoors or in low-light conditions. It offers plenty of space to read maps and capture signatures, while being easy on the eyes.

Mobile workers can also appreciate the Intermec CN51’s long-lasting battery, which will power through a full 12-hour shift and beyond without recharging.

Additional flexibility can be found in the mobile computer’s voice capabilities. Its Flexible Network Radio allows the Intermec CN51 to operate on either a CDMA or UMTS wireless network. The user can switch networks on the fly, allowing mobile workforces to have coverage even when geographically dispersed.

“While rugged devices are designed to be more function or application-specific than smartphones, there is growing consensus that these devices deliver a similar immersive experience and have similar capabilities as function-rich smartphones,” said David Krebs, vice president of mobile and wireless for VDC. “As Android matures in the enterprise, it represents an increasingly viable option for rugged vendors such as Intermec to bridge this functionality gap and deliver the capabilities their partners and customers are looking for.”

Scanning and shooting on the go

Other features of the Intermec CN51 include:

  • EA30 or EA31 high-performance imagers, which provide optimal reading of 1D and 2D barcodes even in low-light scanning environments
  • High-motion tolerance and snappy scanning, which eliminates delays and user frustration during scan-intensive applications
  • A 5-megapixel color camera, combined with mobile document imaging and remote deposit capture, making it fast and easy to convert full-size paper documents or check payments into electronic files while on the go

Planning and design of the Intermec CN51 went far beyond the device itself. Engineers also included features to assist with easy deployment and effective monitoring over time:

  • CloneNGo simplifies the provisioning process by making it possible to replicate a master configuration across an unlimited number of devices
  • Intermec SmartSystems Management Console monitors key sub-systems including scanning, communications and device health, so that issues can be uncovered before they impact operations
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