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Fun, Quirky Barcodes

Hello again, readers. Today we have something that is a little less educational and a lot more fun. “What?! I want to be educated!” I can hear you saying. Well, to quote Jack Torrance from the Shining, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

We all know that barcodes and barcoding are great for businesses, but lately we have seen them in other places such as dancing and jewelry. Don’t believe me? No worries, my friends; you soon will. Below are links showing barcodes being used in places we wished we’d see them, but never thought possible. Take a look.

America’s Got Talent

In this clip from “America’s Got Talent”, you will see a pretty talented dancer getting his groove on. In the beginning, take note of the background. Look familiar? Me thinks a barcode that is.

Snap Boogie gives props to the barcode in his amazing dance performance this summer on “America’s Got Talent”.

That’s a Fancy Tattoo

A barcode tattoo: that’s nothing new right? We have heard of them before, nothing original there. This readers, I assure you, is like nothing you have see before. A guy gets a QR code, which he calls a matrix code, tattooed on his chest. Sounds normal enough, but what happens after that you have to see to believe.

The world’s first “animated” tattoo is powered by the increasingly popular QR code.

Nothing Says I Love You like a QR Code

Wonder what to get your significant other for a special gift? How about custom barcode jewelry? That is exactly what one company does. How does it work? Select your necklace style and choose your message, Love Codes will then put your message into a QR code on that necklace. In about one week your loved one will be scanning their necklace with their phone. Ahh, to be in love.

Here is the QR Code again, but this time it’s spreading the love and in a stylish way.

And I Thought I Liked Barcodes

Believe me, I love barcodes, but this is a little out there. Barcodes are now the inspiration for furniture design. Barcode chair, barcode wallpaper, even barcode light fixtures. It might work for my office, but for my home…I think my wife might object.

Now you can truly surround yourself with barcodes! I think it might be time to redecorate the office.

It warms this breek’s (barcode geek) heart to see barcodes being used in such cool, stylish ways!

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