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Zebra TC8000 vs. Motorola MC9200


The Zebra TC8000 is the most talked about device to hit the rugged mobile computer market in the last 20 years. It is everything the MC9200 is (a rugged, purpose-built workhorse) with a “new school” twist. So here we go again, old school vs. new school.  Kind of like your grandparents telling you how they used to walk to school, ... Read More »

The Benefits of the Cloud and Why You Should Switch To It

Spring landscape - XXXL size

We’ve been hearing about the cloud for years, decades even. The first cloud computing concepts first arose back in the 1950s, when academics and workers in large corporations realized how useful accessing the same information from separate terminals would be. The term “cloud” wasn’t coined until the 1990s, and it’s only been over the last decade or so that cloud ... Read More »

The Top 7 Inventory Management Mobile Apps You Should Check Out


  As a small business owner, you’re going to be on the move. You’re likely helping with outside sales, traveling to trade shows to network, or visiting your other locations. So how do you keep on top of what’s going on with inventory management in your warehouse? Nearly half of small businesses use slow, ineffective manual inventory tracking methods like ... Read More »

What Do Drones Mean For the Future of Warehouses?

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It’s been years since Amazon first publicly floated the idea of using drones to deliver orders to the homes of their customers. We’re likely still years away from drone delivery as common practice. The range of most current drones would limit them to delivering to customers who happened to live near a warehouse, and there are legal obstacles to surmount ... Read More »

The Sleep Revolution And The Inventory Management Revolution


One of the biggest buzzwords in all of business is efficiency. How can we as individuals work more efficiently? How can the systems and tools we rely at the office help us work more efficiently? How can we work more efficiently as a team? The answers to all these questions are likely different, but they come from a similar place, ... Read More »

Target Gets Tough, And Vendors Should Too


They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. That’s an idiom that small and medium-sized business are going to have to take to heart if they want to keep doing business with massive U.S. retailers, which are dragging their suppliers into the modern era of inventory management with stringent new guidelines for deliveries. Most recently, Target ... Read More »

Preparing Your Warehouse For Heat


Lots of businesses face unique challenges during the heat of the summer season. Some need to ramp up production to face increasing demand; others need to find new avenues for profit as the customer base dwindles. One obstacle that is often overlooked by customers and even by small business owners unaware of the logistics of their supply chain (which is ... Read More »

4 Concerns for Today’s Distribution Center

Truck in warehouse - Cargo Transport

The extraordinary growth of online shopping has presented unique challenges for today’s distribution centers. As the average customer demands a seamless experience from your business, from their smartphone, a catalog, their laptop, to shopping at your brick and mortar store, omnichannel issues have pushed deeper into a company’s supply chain, forcing business owners to re-examine their distribution center operations. While ... Read More »

Using Efficiency Ratios to Improve Inventory Turnover


In 2015, Target took a $5.4 billion writedown as it closed 124 stores in a failed bid to enter the Canadian market.  This lead to a C-Level shuffle to try and get out of the slump. Even after the closure, Target is still facing inventory issues at its US stores. At Walmart the news is no better, with increasing challenges ... Read More »

Top 7 Roadblocks Inventory Managers Face


Inventory managers have an overall goal to ensure that their warehouse operations are flowing efficiently with individual items in and out of existing inventory. More specifically, you want to control all the inventory so your unit numbers don’t become too high or conversely too low to the point that your company’s business will come to a complete halt. Great inventory management ... Read More »