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How Blockchain Will Reshape Supply Chain Management

Workers processing boxes on conveyor belt in distribution warehouse, blurred motion.

Blockchain foundational technology that underlies all the buzz around things like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is one of the biggest and most talked about supply chain trends we’ve seen in technology in some time. It’s also not very well understood, which means most of the conversations about it are happening in a very small circle—mostly by those in financial services. In ... Read More »

How To Start Using Artificial Intelligence In Supply Chain Management

Conveyor belt to move around the factory goods

Supply chains are getting smarter, and not because we as human beings are growing collectively better at predicting when inventory will run out, or calculating invoices. Supply chain management is receiving a major boost from artificial intelligence. According to predictions by McKinsey & Company, firms may see around $1.3 trillion a year in economic value from using AI in supply ... Read More »

Android vs Windows in the Warehouse

Cardboard boxes on moving belt conveyor at distribution warehouse. Modern warehouse with automatic moving conveyor machine.

For years, Microsoft systems ruled the computing world. But just as Apple eventually arrived to take a bite out of Windows personal computing market share, Google’s Android platform is taking over as the standard operating system for enterprise computing. In the battle between Windows and Android in the warehouse, it’s not even close anymore. In the battle between Windows and Android ... Read More »

The Tools You Need To Concour Tax Season

Tax Time text on notepad - coffee, jar coins, pen and calculator on top of wooden table.

Tax season for small business owners and those tasked with preparing and filing business taxes always brings about the same headaches, stresses, and perhaps worst of all, costly mistakes. The problem usually stems from some variation on the same issue: A lack of organization, preparation, and record-keeping during the previous year. Inventory records, insurance information, and travel expense logs are ... Read More »

How To Build Sustainability Through Customer Service

People in operations center  talking on Landline phone. Operators in the office.

Have you heard rumors of the retail apocalypse? It’s the idea that retailers can’t compete as online retail giants, like Amazon, continue to grow. Keeping up may seem overwhelming to think about. But it shouldn’t keep you from moving forward in your business growth.  It all comes down to superior customer service.  Because when you don’t pay attention to customer ... Read More »

How Your Supply Chain Issues Can Break Your Company

Crisis Concept. Money Flow in Black Hole

It doesn’t matter how innovative, interesting, or important your products are: If your business doesn’t have a handle on logistics and supply chain management, you’re in trouble. That’s because a company that doesn’t have a strong behind-the-scenes management game doesn’t have a product to sell. Without that, there essentially is no company. In recent years, one company in particular appears ... Read More »

If You’re In These Markets, Don’t Ignore Inventory Management

A photo of woman with clipboard watching man wrapping presents. Young couple preparing list of gifts for Christmas. Both are in casuals in domestic room.

Whether you are a start-up or an established small business, growing your company is a challenge. In fact, close to half of small business owners, polled in the 2017 State of Small Business Report, said increasing profits was one of their biggest obstacles.  And since 43 percent of those surveyed admitted to using outdated manual processes for inventory management or ... Read More »

Why Companies Should Invest In Their Human Work Force

Group of business people standing in a row. Focus is on young happy businessman looking at the camera. Isolated on white.

Automation is a loaded word in the American business world nowadays. Robots, drones, software, and artificial intelligence have moved off the pages of science-fiction into our warehouses, manufacturing plants, and retail floor spaces—but while they usher in a time of exciting growth, efficiency, and progress, they also portend a future where humans don’t have much to do. That’s a scary ... Read More »

Supply Chain and Logistic Trends: What Will Tomorrow Bring?

3d rendering delivery drone flying with cityscape background

The universal constant remains in effect. Change is coming to the world of supply chains and logistics. What sorts of new approaches and evolved methods will you come across and how can you best incorporate them into your organization’s ways? Let’s take a look at five up and coming trends in SC&L. Robotics Automation continues to be at the forefront ... Read More »