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Big Data Challenges Wireless Networks, CIOs

Big Data Challenges Wireless Networks, CIOs | System ID

Big data is moving in with adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. And with it comes big challenges for wireless networks and CIOs who must securely manage the influx of information. In their NI Trend Watch 2015 report, National Instruments (NI) summarizes the situation by saying, “The idea of a smarter world where systems with sensors and local ... Read More »

He said he came home to an empty house after a friend knocked

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Tracking Assets, Inventory, and People Driving IoT Adoption

Tracking Assets Inventory and People Driving IoT Adoption System ID

In an October 2014 Forrester Consulting study commissioned by Zebra Technologies, experts found that issues with tracking assets, inventory, and people are primarily driving Internet of Things (IoT) adoption across the manufacturing, consumer products, retail, transportation, healthcare, and government industries. Other findings in Internet-of-Things Solution Deployment Gains Momentum Among Firms Globally summarize organizations’ interest in IoT solutions, timelines for deployment, ... Read More »

System ID Showcase: New Trends in Mobile Computing

New Trends in Mobile Computing | System ID

Mobile workforces. The Internet of Things (IoT). Big data. Smart manufacturing. Mobile device management (MDM). Advancements in these areas are literally changing how companies operate. But how can organizations transition from traditional data capture solutions to interconnected smart devices that automatically analyze information and take action? One way manufacturers are helping organizations move into the next generation of data capture ... Read More »

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You trip the circuit breaker

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