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Motorola’s New Enterprise Android Tablet vs. iPad2

Wow! The Motorola ET1 Enterprise Android Tablet is the coolest thing I have seen in the AIDC industry since the introduction of RFID (I may be dating myself with that comment). This device may change everything. How we find products or check-out at our local grocery or retail store. How we are admitted and treated bedside in the hospital. Even ... Read More »

Huge Tax Deductions Justify New IT Assets in 2011

Anyone buying technology can take advantage of President Obama’s legislation titled “The Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization and Job Creation Act of 2010” to reduce the total cost of operations (TCO) of IT projects. If you are not using this legislation to help justify your next IT project, you’re missing an extremely powerful financial opportunity provided by the federal government. Read More »

You put a QR code Where?

So, the general belief is that when we pass from this life, our belongings, our “stuff”, doesn’t go with us. We leave it all behind and the memory of who we once were is carried on in our loved ones’ hearts. Generations later, we are someone’s mysterious ancestors, with little more than a name marked on stone with dates of ... Read More »

Economic Recovery Through 2013

Note from the President of System ID Warehouse – Ed Burke I have followed ITR for many years and they have accurately (96%) predicted the future. Brian Beaulieu declares that as businesses we are in growth mode and will be through 2012, and to expect a mild recession in 2013. In his book, Make Your Move, we are in Phase ... Read More »

Barcodes Help the Lost Find Their Way

Recently my husband and I had the distinct pleasure of attending a Dallas Cowboys home game in the luxurious temple to football that Jerry Jones built in Arlington, TX. He really spared no expense, including using top-of-the-line Motorola MC75 mobile computers to scan spectators’ tickets. Now, being a breek® (barcode geek), I always take mental note of barcode equipment being ... Read More »

2nd Annual Super Barcode Training Camp

A little over a year ago System ID hosted its first Super Barcode Training Camp. This event featured barcode solutions along with Intermec hardware. With over 80 attendees, it was a huge success; so much so, the System ID office was a bit too small to hold all of those attending. Read More »

System ID Expands its Mobile Barcode Software Offering

System ID is happy to announce that we are now offering mobile barcode software from Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS). They create user-configurable, mobile data collection software and systems that are ideal for any kind of business. Since beginning in 2000, over 8,000 companies have implemented PTS mobile barcode software. Read More »

Will there be Droid Mobile Computers?

No doubt you’ve heard either in your office or personal life the word “Droid” being said in a robotic voice. The Android OS is here and is here to stay. It appears that Google is extremely interested in the mobile phone world, especially with news of their acquisition of Motorola a month ago. Read More »

How to Use QR Codes for Marketing

… the right way. I know what you are thinking…another blog about those QR codes. Haven’t we been saturated enough by these things? Well, yes. But, they are the “new and happening thing” right now, so we must follow suit and use them! Read More »