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Motorola MC75 Shows off Biometric Reader on CSI

The latest trend in biometric fingerprint and identification technology was recently featured on one of the most popular TV shows. Last week on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, “A Family Affair”, Greg Sanders used Motorola’s Mobile AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System) on the MC75 mobile computer with biometric attachment to scan a homicide victim’s fingerprint at the crime scene. Read More »

The Recession is Over, Now What?

The recession is over! At this is prevailing wisdom of many economists including Ben Bernake, our Federal Reserve Chairman. The growth expectations for 2010 vary by industry, but the increases are in range of 2% to 5%, and hopefully yours will be even higher! The problem is that businesses have seen a reduction in sales of 10% to 30% and ... Read More »

Asset Management with Active RFID

“Where Is All of Our Stuff?” Do you find yourself asking the question above when it comes to your company’s fixed assets? With budgets being tightened and having to do more with less, keeping track of your valuable assets has become even more important.  It can be embarrassing or uncomfortable when you are asked the question of where is this ... Read More »

UID Compliance

If you are associated with a government entity, you are probably familiar with the term UID or Unique Item Identifier, but you may wonder why this standard or technology is so important to the Department of Defense (DOD).  When items are labeled or marked with an UID it allows for that item to be placed on the UID Registry.  How ... Read More »

Improving Patient Safety with Barcoded Wristbands

 The importance of patient safety has always been a necessity and accomplishing this has not always been easy. The “Five Rights of Medication Safety” were created to aid in that goal. Nurses and medical assistants try to ensure that the right patient gets the right drug in the right dose via the right route at the right time. Using handwritten ... Read More »

Inventory Management for Fire Departments

More and more fire departments are looking for an effective way to track their supplies. After working with many fire departments with their inventory tracking needs, we found that a lot of them use an Excel spreadsheet or simply “a Big Chief tablet and a number 2 pencil”. Unfortunately, without an automated inventory management system fire departments often find that ... Read More »

Barcode Scanning Apps for Cell Phones

Have you heard that you can read barcodes with your cell phone? There are a number of barcode related apps for the iPhone and one for Android cell phones. Most are designed as shopping tools. They use the barcode number to search a number of web sites, like Amazon and Google, to pull up product information, price comparisons, and customer ... Read More »

Honeywell Announces the New Dolphin 6100 Mobile Computer

Honeywell just added the Dolphin® 6100 to their line of mobile computers. It is a pocket-sized device built for light industrial wireless data collection applications inside-the-four-walls. The Dolphin 6100 features the new Marvell XScale PXA300 microprocessor and the familiar Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 operating system. It comes standard with a 2D imager powered by Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0 allowing for ... Read More »

The Barcode’s 35th Birthday

Today, June 26, 2009, the barcode turns 35. The modern barcode began in 1948. Bernard Silver, a graduate student at Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, overheard the president of a local food chain asking one of the deans to undertake research to develop a system to automatically read product information during checkout. Silver told his friend Norman Joseph Woodland ... Read More »