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What Your Business Can Learn From Etsy

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As 2017 begins in earnest, one of the most intriguing companies to watch is Etsy, the peer-to-peer ecommerce platform that specializes in unique crafts. Now in its 11th year, Etsy’s growth has the business world talking—and other companies, big or small, should take note of their 2017 strategy, which looks to expand on what’s already made them successful. In a ... Read More »

How Uber Transformed More Than Just Transportation

Smiling woman texting for Uber at the street

It’s been said that 2017 will be the year that retail begins to undergo “Uberization.” In a few short years, Uber has gone from simply a new take on calling a car to shorthand for completely overhauling an industry, particularly from a mobile perspective. So what does it mean for retail to be Uberized? How can it move boldly into ... Read More »

Drones and Robots in the Warehouse Are Assistants, For Now

Drone Hexacopter delivers a package

There may come a time when flying drones and automated robots make the human warehouse worker obsolete. In fact, this is a fear that pervades many companies across a variety of industries. But based on what we’re seeing in this field, that time is still a ways away, and in many instances drones and robots are making lives easier for ... Read More »

Four Ways Businesses Are Behind the Technology Curve

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Generally speaking, small business are slow to adopt new technology. We all know it: We see the mom-and-pop shop that still takes orders over the phone, writes everything down on paper and doesn’t take credit cards. In some ways, it’s endearing, they’re old school, and it seems to work for them. On the other hand, customer experience often suffers as ... Read More »

Barcode Labeling During the Busiest Shipping Season

Boxes making their way down the conveyor belt on their way to customers.

With the ‘most wonderful time of the year wrapping up, so is the end of the busiest shipping time all over the globe. Like most years, shippers had predicted a record number of deliveries for this holiday season. In 2015, Cyber Monday alone garnered some $1,505,000,000 in online sales – all of which had to be shipped to doorsteps of homes and businesses. Keeping ... Read More »

How Your Small Business Can Build Better Omnichannel ROI

omnichannel marketing, business man reading about multichannel strategy

Macy’s is one retail giant that expertly executes omnichannel experiences. How do they do it? With metrics – because numbers don’t lie. The company’s digital sales efforts boosted last year’s fourth-quarter sales to $9.4 billion, up 1.8 percent from the prior year. Like many large retailers, Macy’s has taken a “single view” of its inventory, with no real distinction between ... Read More »

5 Challenges For Supply Chain and E-Commerce Growth

hand presses on world map with digital tablet,Business success strategy distribution product plan with warehouse background  (Elements of this image furnished by NASA)

Thanks to the World Wide Web, the way we shop, pay and how long we’re willing to wait for delivery have changed in every imaginable way. Blame it on Amazon and it’s ability to get customers every conceivable product possible within two days, or sometimes, even in the same day. As a result of the rise of e-commerce, unprecedented demands ... Read More »

Lehigh Valley Is the New E-Commerce Capital

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Thanks to your late-night online shopping habits, development in an area in upstate Pennsylvania called Lehigh Valley and sometimes colloquially referred to as just “The Valley,” has surged astronomically in the past five years. Most recently, FedEx Ground, one of the largest transporters of parcels and other shipments, signed a $335 million lease to build its largest U.S. distribution center, ... Read More »

Preparing For An Asset Audit

Businessman Analyzing Graph And Doing Financial Calculations

How to Prepare for an Annual Audit You may dread the annual audit because it is a big and potentially expensive and disruptive undertaking for you and your employees. You may even completely dread the thought of it. However, an annual audit is the only true way to ensure your financials are in order and hopefully prove the strength of ... Read More »

Year-End Liquidation: 7 Ways to Move Your Excess Inventory

Stack of old, broken and obsolete laptop computer for repair and recycle

All year long, your business prepares for the holiday season. It’s the “make-or-break” time of the year, and you need to make it count. Business can’t stop once the elves retire for another year and all of that “red and green” needs to move out to make room for the pastel shades of spring. As you look ahead to your ... Read More »