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Intermec CK3X Leads the Way in Battery Life, Flexibility in the Warehouse

Designed with warehouse operations in mind, the Intermec CK3X takes barcode scanning and battery life to new heights.


A truly rugged mobile computer, the Intermec CK3X is designed to withstand multiple 5-foot drops to concrete and work across all operating temperatures.

One of the industry’s highest-performing mobile computing options, the Intermec CK3X relies upon:

  • A 1GHz multi-engine Texas Instruments processor, 256MB RAM and 1GB Flash
  • Industry-leading battery life
  • Enhanced barcode scanning
  • Superior device health monitoring
  • Broad compliance for emerging industry standards such as HTML5

Companies already using the Intermec CK3B can easily integrate to the Intermec CK3X with no issues, as the updated version maintains:

  • Current Intermec CK3B form factor and rugged design
  • Legacy applications
  • Backward-compatible accessories

As a result, companies can upgrade to the latest model without investing in new chargers, docking stations or scan handles.

Increasing productivity with Intermec CK3X

The Intermec CK3X “…expand(s) upon the popular CK3B for continues best-in-class operations to support customer needs for increased productivity, flexibility, and exceptional workforce performance,” said Earl Thompson, senior vice president for the Mobile Solutions Business Unit at Intermec.

“Designed specifically with the future in mind, the CK3 Next Generation Series is an exceptional choice for customers who need to support ever-changing data capture requirements and future-proof their supply chain, (distribution centers), and in-store retail operations,” Thompson added.

Features that outperform the competition

A truly rugged mobile computer, the Intermec CK3X is designed to withstand multiple five-foot drops to concrete and work across all operating temperatures. In addition, it offers:

  • A choice of integrated area imagers for standard range or near/far range scanning
  • Unsurpassed scanning performance on 1D and 2D barcodes
  • The ability to read damaged and poor-quality barcodes
  • Support for omni-directional scanning
  • High-motion tolerance for improved efficiency
  • Industry-leading battery life performance, lasting through a full shift and beyond without requiring the batteries to be replaced or recharged
  • Microsoft Windows Embedded Handheld operating system
  • Support for industry-standard 802.11 a/b/g/n and Bluetooth radio for adaptable communications
  • Support for Vocollect Voice to combine voice-directed workflow with traditional barcode data collection

Intermec offers a breakthrough feature for fast deployment of the Intermec CK3X. CloneNGo is a device configuration tool that makes it easy to clone device settings from a single master unit to an unlimited number of devices.

“For business-critical mobile applications, the need for mobile devices with reliable battery performance, data capture configuration options, robust security, and enhanced processing power to support increasingly sophisticated applications in a lightweight ergonomic yet rugged design is critical,” said David Krebs, vice president of the mobile and wireless practice at VDC Research.

“Intermec’s CK3 Next Generation family of rugged handheld devices delivers these capabilities and is well-designed to support mobile applications across a variety of rigorous warehouse, logistics and retail environments,” Krebs added.

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