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Meet Jamie Duerksen, the System ID Barcode Printing Pro

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Product manager Jamie Duerksen is the System ID printing pro who specializes in custom labels and barcode printers.

When I joined System ID in 2011, I never dreamt I would become the company’s barcode printing pro! After all, my life-long dream was to become an educator, working with elementary school children in my hometown of Plano, Texas. How, then, did I land at System ID—the one-stop shop for everything barcodes—and earn the title of Product Manager for Custom Labels and Barcode Printers?

From babies to business

I’ve always loved children and envisioned myself becoming a kindergarten teacher. In fact, I set off on that path before graduating from Plano East High School. As a senior, I enrolled in the early childhood development program, where during the day I was a student teacher as part of my work study curriculum. After hours, I taught at the Boys and Girls Club at a local elementary school.

In college, I continued down the education trek until the business bug bit me. I responded by doing a one-eighty into the arms of the business school at the University of Texas at Dallas. There, I discovered my real passion, which is uncovering solutions to business challenges so that companies can be successful.

I pursued a Business and Criminal Justice degree during the night while working days at an insurance company. Eventually I earned my B.A., but by then I’d established comfortable roots in the insurance industry. Before I knew it, 12 years had passed! One day I woke up and decided I was ready for my next adventure.

That’s where System ID comes in.

Enter barcodes

I started my career here as a sales associate who answered customers questions about barcode systems. I quickly discovered that I actually love barcodes! I find the whole barcoding world fascinating, so I started reading everything I could get my hands on and learning as much as possible.

My passion paid off. Before I knew it, I switched to the product management side of the house. My new role was that of junior product manager working in labels and supplies with our barcode label pro, Nicole Holcomb. Nicole eagerly trained me, transferring knowledge about the labeling world she literally grew up in. And while I’m no Nicole, I have certainly learned a lot about labels—especially custom ones, which are now my specialty.

Today, I’ve added another hat to my growing stack of product management responsibilities—barcode printers. It’s a natural fit given how closely related printing and labels are. So in addition to helping System ID customers with custom barcode labels, I can also advise them on the right barcode printer for their specific needs!

Coming full circle

In some ways I’ve come full circle, fulfilling my desire to help companies solve business challenges and spend time with children. You see, while growing my professional life, I was also building my personal one. I met and married the love of my life, had a beautiful fall wedding, and am now the proud mother of a young daughter, McKenna.

Could life get any more perfect? Today I’m blessed with barcodes, businesses, and babies!

I’m here to help

I’d like to invite you to contact me with your custom barcode label and printing challenges. I work closely with Nicole and our sales teams to make sure your barcode label, barcode ribbon, and print head requirements are always met.

I’m still learning about barcode printing and am falling in love with it, too! A voracious learner, I’m committed to searching for new products to offer, systems that can make your life easier, and solutions for unique labeling needs. I plan to share what I uncover through a series of upcoming posts—so stay tuned.

Until then, give us a call at 1.888.648.4452. If our trained advisors can’t answer your questions, I’m literally around the corner and can help.

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Jamie Duerksen

Product Manager Custom Labels and Barcode Printers at System ID
Jamie Duerksen loves challenges and enjoys the wealth of knowledge that comes from solving them. System ID customers benefit from her expertise—Jamie excels at helping organizations uncover barcode labeling and printing solutions for unique applications and environments. Outside of the office, Jamie embraces the everyday experience of being a wife and mother.