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Voice Picking Systems Improve Warehouse Productivity By 20 Percent

Datalogic Lynx PDA

According to Datalogic, voice picking systems improve warehouse productivity by 10 to 20 percent. That’s good news for users of the Datalogic Lynx PDA, Elf PDA, Memor, and Skorpio X3 mobile computers, which now use Wavelink Speakeasy applications to significantly streamline the picking process and increase inventory accuracy. Speed up the picking process Voice-picking systems shorten the time needed to pick an order by ... Read More »

A New Intrinsically Safe Mobile Device Explodes on the Barcoding Scene

I-Safe Mobile Computers

Intrinsically safe (I-Safe) mobile devices aren’t an option in environments where ignitable gas, dust, and fibers present a possible hazard. Even doing the simplest of tasks has the potential for a combustible outcome when working in spaces like these. Explosion-proof mobile computers aren’t new. But thanks to advancements in barcode technology, companies in the oil and gas, petrochemical, and other ... Read More »

One Application, Any Operating System

Exciting news, readers! Motorola has developed and released new software that may change the industry, or at least the way we think of applications development. RhoElements allows you to develop easy to use applications, regardless of the operating system.  Read More »

Motorola’s New Enterprise Android Tablet vs. iPad2

Wow! The Motorola ET1 Enterprise Android Tablet is the coolest thing I have seen in the AIDC industry since the introduction of RFID (I may be dating myself with that comment). This device may change everything. How we find products or check-out at our local grocery or retail store. How we are admitted and treated bedside in the hospital. Even ... Read More »

Honeywell Buys LXE

In the last five years, we have seen a number of acquisitions occur in the barcoding industry. Large, big-name corporations are seeing the benefits of getting into the barcode industry. These acquisitions have introduced companies like Motorola and Honeywell into the market place. Read More »

The Top 10 Mobile Computers

I’m a sucker for these top 10 lists. They usually pique my interest to find out what made it on the list. We have already done a list for the top barcode scanners and barcode printers. So it was time to do one for mobile computers. Read More »

Barcode Labs Offers 3-Year Warranty on All Barcode Equipment

Barcode Labs, the industry leader in used barcode equipment, is extending their warranty to 3 years on all of their products until the end of the year. Barcode Labs has over 20 years of technical expertise and carries one of the industry’s largest selections of used barcode inventory, including both legacy and current models. Read More »

Motorola Announces Separation into Two Independent, Publicly Traded Companies

Motorola, Inc. announced yesterday, February 11, that they are targeting the first quarter of 2011 for its planned separation into two independent, publicly traded companies. One company will consist of Enterprise Mobility Solutions and Networks businesses, which cover rugged two-way radios, mobile computers, secure public safety systems, scanning, RFID, and wireless network infrastructure. The other company will consist of Mobile ... Read More »