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Motorola LI2208 Drives Fast, Comfortable 1D Scanning

The Motorola LI2208 does more than just scan. This corded linear imager helps workers scan faster and farther, resulting in better productivity and happier customers.

Businesses can leverage the Motorola LI2208 to drive productivity at the retail point-of-sale, event registrations, and in light industrial settings.

Motorola LI2208

The next generation of 1D scanners, the Motorola LI2208 can easily read paper barcodes, device screens, and loyalty cards.

“Building on the legacy of Motorola Solutions’ most popular scanner, the LS2208, the next-generation LI2208 linear imager expands Motorola’s data capture portfolio with the company’s first entry into the corded linear imager market,” said Bob Sanders, senior vice president of Data Capture Solutions for Motorola Solutions. “The LI2208 delivers the same reliability and ergonomics as the LS2208 and provides our channel with another innovative data capture option that enables customers to select the right technology – whether it is linear imaging, 2D imaging or laser scanning – for their solution.”

Paper or plastic?

Unlike some other scanners, the Motorola LI2208 can capture 1D barcodes that are printed on paper labels, as well as electronic barcodes displayed on mobile devices. This makes it easier for retailers to capture data from mobile coupons, loyalty cards and more, and improves satisfaction of customers who might wish to carry these on their smartphones rather than cards or paper documents. In addition, the scanner can read high-density barcodes sometimes used in electronic component manufacturing and specialty retail settings.

The scanner can work from long ranges, reading UPC barcodes from 1 inch away to more than 30 inches away. High-density codes can be read from extended ranges as well.

The Motorola LI2208 also provides superior motion and angular tolerance, enabling workers to literally scan on the go. Barcodes can be captured faster, and there is no need to pause during scans.

Unsurpassed durability

The Motorola LI2208 was designed to be the most durable linear imager in its class. To accomplish this, the scanner relies on a patented, single circuit board that eliminates the most common points of failure in barcode scanners. It can handle 100 consecutive drops to concrete and 1,000 consecutive 1.64-foot tumbles. In addition, it meets IP42 sealing requirements. As a result, downtime is minimized and productivity rises.

Easy to set up and use, the Motorola LI2208 offers an ideal fit for retailers and other companies with high employee turnover rates or seasonal workers.

The scanner also features:

  • Support for more than 90 international keyboards
  • Easy deployment worldwide
  • Reliable operation despite everyday drops for maximum uptime
  • Handheld or presentation modes
  • Gooseneck Intellistand option, which enables presentation scanning and automatic switching between hands-free and handheld operation
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