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Motorola TC55 Mobile Computer Brings Consumer-Grade Glitz to Enterprise Device

The Motorola TC55 mobile computer mates the best features of today’s smartphones with the power and durability of an enterprise device.


The Motorola TC55 mobile computer was designed to look and feel almost exactly like a typical consumer-grade smartphone.

The mobile workforce needs powerful solutions. But users don’t want to lug around clunky, large mobile computers that are heavy and difficult to use. That’s why Motorola devised the TC55 to look and feel almost exactly like a typical consumer-grade smartphone.

The pocket-sized, all-touch computer runs on Android Jellybean. Users appreciate the operating system’s consumer-grade feel. Yet in truth, Android Jellybean creates an enterprise-class operating system with full-blown security, device management, and support for enterprise data capture.

Simplifying the job for today’s mobile workforce

This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Field sales teams, who need tools for customer relationship management, sales and order tracking, order taking, appointment scheduling, and location-based services
  • Field service technicians, who rely on mobile computers for order tracking, inventory management, service automation, parts inventory management, task management, sales automation, invoicing and signature capture, location-based services, and appointment scheduling
  • Small and mid-sized businesses, who can use the Motorola TC55 for employee communications, time tracking, order management, payment processing, proof of service, inventory management, and workflow management

Built to look good, last long

The 4.3-inch WVGA display doesn’t just look great. It operates in a wide range of conditions – even if it’s wet. Plus, users can select or sign the screen with a stylus or a finger, even if they are wearing thick gloves. The display has low power requirements, which reduces battery requirements and ensures the device will last an entire shift without recharging.

A transflective display makes the screen easy to read as well, even when outdoors in bright conditions. Plus, IP67 sealing and Corning Gorilla Glass 2 guard against drops and spills. That’s why the device can claim an average lifespan of three years – far beyond the industry average for similar devices.

Because a mobile workforce often works outside or in loud conditions, the Motorola TC55 mobile computer features dual front-facing speakers that are four times as loud as those on typical smartphones. Noise-cancelling technology combined with two microphones makes it easier for workers to be heard.

Probably most important to the enterprise, the Motorola TC55 mobile computer captures data with the best of them. It includes an integrated 1D barcode scanner. In addition, users can choose to add an optional 1D/2D ring-style Bluetooth scanner. Combine these with an 8 megapixel camera and Near Field Communications, and workers can collect 1D barcodes, 2D barcodes, videos, photos, documents, signatures, and NFC-based information in practically any condition.

Out of the box, the Motorola TC55 mobile computer is built on Android Open Source (AOSP) and includes Google Mobile Services (GMS). This suite of integrated Google applications includes Gmail and Google Maps. Or, if a business has strict security policies, the device can ship without GMS to promote privacy and information security.


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