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Motorola’s New Enterprise Android Tablet vs. iPad2

Wow! The Motorola ET1 Enterprise Android Tablet is the coolest thing I have seen in the AIDC industry since the introduction of RFID (I may be dating myself with that comment). This device may change everything. How we find products or check-out at our local grocery or retail store. How we are admitted and treated bedside in the hospital. Even how our local air conditioner repair companies route their technicians and take our payments.

The Motorola ET1 Enterprise Tablet will beginning shipping at the end of this year.

Motorola was in our office for training just last week and our whole team got to touch and feel one of the few beta units in the world. The ET1 is the first enterprise level tablet with a true drop spec and IP rating (sealed from dust and moisture). You won’t find that with an iPad! (See comparison below.)

The ET1 is also the first device in the enterprise space to feature the Android operating system. The initial launch will have Wi-Fi only and should be shipping before the end of the year. WWAN (cellular) devices are on the roadmap for 2012. Get ready for a wild ride. The AIDC industry is now officially entering the 21st century…Way to go Motorola!!!

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