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One Application, Any Operating System

Exciting news, readers! Motorola has developed and released new software that may change the industry, or at least the way we think of applications development. RhoElements allows you to develop easy to use applications, regardless of the operating system. 

Motorola’s new RhoElements application development software lets you create one program that will work on any Motorola mobile computer, regardless of its operating system.

Let me say that again in another way, as this has never been done before. You can develop an application that improves your business processes for an older device that is running Windows CE 5.0 and run the same application on a brand new device that has Window Embedded Handheld operating system.

An application, written once, across multiple devices with different operating systems; “what’s the catch,” you may ask? “I bet it looks different depending on the device and operating system,” you may say?

Wrong! With RhoElements, you can create applications that look, feel, and act the same on every device, regardless of screen size or operating system. All you need to know is HTML5.

The only “catch,” if you could even call it one, is that RhoElements only works on Motorola devices. At least for right now it does. Soon, it will support most mobile devices.

Pretty sweet, huh? I told you it was exciting. Check out Motorola’s site for more information on RhoElements.


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