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QuickScan Lite QW2120 Scans Long, Wide Barcodes

The QuickScan Lite QW2120 doesn’t care if you are a bit short or a little too wide. It will scan you all the same.

That’s the message Datalogic sends to barcodes around the world with this entry-level linear imager. To keep productivity levels high, the Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2120, reads damaged or poorly printed barcodes, including ones that are unusually sized.

Not all barcodes are created equal


The Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2100 loves all barcodes equally, whether they are a little longer than average or a bit stumpier than usual.

In many countries, manufacturers routinely place truncated barcodes on their products. A truncated barcode is “short,” meaning that its vertical height is unusually small compared to its horizontal measurement. This makes it difficult to quickly scan. If the laser is at an angle, it will miss the end of the barcode.

Long barcodes also can cause issues. These extended codes frequently can be found on electronic parts, utility bills, and other documents.

The QuickScan Lite QW2120 features a wide scanning angle with an extended scanning line. As a result, longer and wider barcodes scan in a snap.

Features to fit any business

Thanks to a brighter, thinner scanning line, users can scan at wide angles without having to back away from the barcode. This makes the QuickScan Lite QW2120 ideal for:

  • Light manufacturing
  • Document processing
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Bill processing
  • Retail

In addition, the QuickScan Lite QW2120 was built to last in retail and light industrial environments:

  • Over-molded rubber to protect the scanner when it is dropped
  • Water and particulate sealing rating of IP42
  • Drop-resistant to 1.5 meters (5 feet)

Options that simplify use

A special stand designed specifically for the QuickScan light offers a tilting head, making it simple to scan at various angles. The stand can also collapse down into a holder.

Another feature designed for easy use, Datalogic’s Green Spot technology shows workers a green light when they get a good read of a barcode. This speeds work along in noisy, distracting, and high-volume environments.

Additional options include:

  • Choice of a USB or keyboard wedge/RS-232 interface
  • Sold as a standalone scanner or as a kit that includes a scanner, cable, and stand for hands-free work
  • Remote Host Download (available in –RM models ony), which lowers service costs and improves operations

Already own other QuickScan products? The Datalogic QuickScan Lite QW2120 uses the same cables and power supplies you have on hand.

Buy now at special price

For a limited time, you can purchase these general-purpose barcode scanners at the low price of $89.99. This is less than popular models from other brands–and you get more for your money! So if you’re thinking of stocking up, now’s the time.

To take advantage of this deal, contact System ID at 1.800.397.9783.

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