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Seagull BarTender Label Design Software Delivers Flexibility, Security

Seagull BarTender label design software takes barcode printing into another realm by offering a complete design and print solution.


Unlike most competing print solutions, Seagull BarTender label design software works for both laser and industrial label printers.

Unlike most competing barcode printing software solutions, Seagull Scientific BarTender works for both laser and industrial label printers. In addition, it offers RFID, print, and encode support for smart cards, as well as the most comprehensive barcode support available in the marketplace. BarTender works with 95 symbologies, including:

  • iQR
  • GS1
  • QR
  • Additional 2D, circular, and linear codes
  • Healthcare and postal symbologies

Design for more than just barcodes

Typical barcode printing solutions provide little or no design capabilities. But Seagull Scientific BarTender gives a great deal of design freedom:

  • Barcodes can be easily resized.
  • Ready-to-print templates are set up to work with a wide range of compliance standards.
  • A variety of Windows and printer fonts also allow for advanced formatting such as superscript, numbering, highlights, and full-system Unicode.
  • More than 50 pre-defined shapes are included for use in shelf tags, labels, cards, and more.
  • The software includes a library of hundreds of industrial symbols for categories such as electrical, hazardous materials packaging, etc.
  • Smart wizards walk the user step-by-step through design decisions that affect printing performance and compliance with important standards.
  • Graphics and photos can be easily imported and exported, thanks to support for cameras, scanners and most graphic formats.
  • A wide range of tag types are supported, including EPC Class 1, Gen2, ISO 18000-6b, ISO 15693, Tag-It, I-CODE, TagSys, My-d, Picotag. Supported data formats include Wal-Mart, DoD, and EPC.

Automation, security make for better productivity

BarTender simplifies operations by integrating with a wide range of other software solutions. Rather than manually importing or exporting data, users can rely on the software’s sophisticated automation features to manipulate information.

BarTender can access text, spreadsheets and databases, thanks to ODBC and OLE DB support for dozens of data formats – even non-Windows platforms including LINUX, AS/400, Oracle, and more. And with Commander middleware, programs that can’t directly control BarTender can even launch print jobs using files, e-mails, serial ports, or TCP/IP sockets.

No need to worry about security hazards, however. BarTender’s Security Center can be set up to regulate user activity, which is particularly important in high-security industries. Individual template designs can be protected with passwords and encryption, and an audit trail can be logged with great detail including print job information, template images, warning, and errors.

In addition, BarTender allows the user to design custom forms for data entry. Weight data can be accepted from a wide variety of scales. As a result, repetitive print jobs can become faster and more automated.

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