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An Instant Connection: A Warehouse and 2D Barcode Scanner

An Instant Connection: A Warehouse and 2D Barcode Scanner | System ID

You know that feeling you get when there’s an instant connection between two people? Well that’s what happens when a 2D barcode scanner walks into a warehouse. Both are happy on their own, but together they accomplish great things, such as: Significantly streamline processes Comply with legislative mandates Turn sluggish sales around Make customers happy Achieve the next level of ... Read More »

Motorola TC55 Mobile Computer Brings Consumer-Grade Glitz to Enterprise Device


The Motorola TC55 mobile computer mates the best features of today’s smartphones with the power and durability of an enterprise device. The mobile workforce needs powerful solutions. But users don’t want to lug around clunky, large mobile computers that are heavy and difficult to use. That’s why Motorola devised the TC55 to look and feel almost exactly like a typical ... Read More »

How to Purchase a Mobile Computer

Intermec CN4e

So, you’ve decided to purchase a mobile computer. Now what? To ensure you buy the right solution for your organization, start by identifying your requirements for: Mobile Computer Type Scan Engine Operating System Connectivity Software Applications Features Accessories Budget Mobile Computer Type Mobile computers can be categorized into the following types: Handheld Wearable Vehicle-Mounted Tablets Smartphones Hazardous Environment Within each ... Read More »

Compare 1D and 2D Barcode Scanners

Datalogic QD2400

To compare 1D and 2D barcode scanners, it’s helpful to know which scan engine reads what type of barcode. 1D barcode scanners Laser scanners are the most popular type of barcode scan engine because they can scan barcodes at distances greater than two feet. However, they only read linear, or one-dimensional (1D), barcodes such as UPC-A, which is widely used ... Read More »

Are You Ready for 2D?

System ID and Honeywell are teaming up to educate the readers of this humble blog about 2D barcoding and how it is changing the way people do business. Ready or not, 2D technology is here to stay, and resistance is futile. Read More »

How to Pick a Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are the most inexpensive and effective way to control assets and inventory. There is little or no training required to use one. Barcode scanners are distinguished by their form factor and their scanning technologies. Read More »

Honeywell Releases the New Xenon 2D Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Scanning and Mobility has released the Xenon 2D barcode scanner. With their acquisition of Hand Held Products and Metrologic, Honeywell has been able to take the best of both of these companies’ already great 2D scanning technologies and put them into the Xenon. Out of all of the 2D scanners that I have tested, this scanner is the fastest at ... Read More »

Target’s Mobile GiftCards Use Virtual Barcodes

Target just released their Mobile GiftCard, which eliminates the need to bring Target GiftCards into the store in order to redeem them. Customers can save GiftCard information to a PIN-secure account on the Target.com mobile site. Then, using a mobile phone with Internet capabilities, the customer can retrieve GiftCard barcodes for scanning at checkout for purchases or to add to ... Read More »

Cell Phones and 2D Barcodes are Changing Retail POS

Soon, it will be common place for shoppers to use their cell phones to redeem coupons and even pay for purchases. JCPenny has partnered with Cellfire to offer coupons on your cell phone. Instead of digging through your wallet or purse looking for a printed coupon, you simply show the mobile coupon on your phone’s LCD screen to the cashier, ... Read More »