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System ID Showcase: New Trends in Mobile Computing

New Trends in Mobile Computing | System ID

Mobile workforces. The Internet of Things (IoT). Big data. Smart manufacturing. Mobile device management (MDM). Advancements in these areas are literally changing how companies operate. But how can organizations transition from traditional data capture solutions to interconnected smart devices that automatically analyze information and take action? One way manufacturers are helping organizations move into the next generation of data capture ... Read More »

Changing the Way Education is Delivered

When you see a group of students going to or coming from school, you almost always see backpacks full of books. You can’t study or do homework without your textbook! However, soon you will see students carrying laptop bags instead. It seems difficult to believe, but school districts are starting to make the choice to provide students with laptops rather ... Read More »

W-LAN 802.11N for Healthcare

Don’t Get Tangled in Cords Two critical areas for desired improvement for almost every Healthcare Organization are increased productivity and reduction of errors. In a world full of solutions for Healthcare, one solution stands out among the rest: implementing a wireless infrastructure. Implementation of a wireless infrastructure has become more attainable due to the long awaited approval of 802.11n has ... Read More »