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The ABCs of Inventory Management

ABCs of Inventory Management

Inventory management may sound complex. But in reality, it’s as simple as A, B, C. A is for automation. Many small businesses still track inventory with a spreadsheet, pencil, and paper. Employees grudgingly count inventory items by hand, writing down their findings as they go. These manual counts may take days or weeks, with paper-based tallies handed to whomever manages ... Read More »

New Transport and Logistics Technology Can Slash Pickup, Delivery Times

Delivery man

The New Year promises increased adoption of transport and logistics technology, according to a recent survey by Intermec. Transport and logistics companies from around the world project that arming the mobile workforce with new technology could cut pick-up times by 30 percent, while also driving down delivery times by 29 percent, the survey indicated. As a result, customer satisfaction would ... Read More »