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System ID Barcode Scanner FAQs

Barcode Scanner FAQs

Our barcode scanner FAQs provide answers to questions commonly asked about scanners. Browse this list to learn more. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, please contact System ID. Barcode Scanner Basics What is a barcode scanner? Also known as a barcode reader, a barcode scanner is an electronic device that captures data stored in printed barcodes. It ... Read More »

What is a Barcode Scanner?

Datalogic PowerScan 700 2D

Customers new to barcoding typically ask, “What is a barcode scanner?” The answer is simple:  A barcode scanner—also known as a barcode reader—is an electronic device that decodes and physically captures information contained in barcodes. It consists of the following components, which work together to collect the data contained in a printed barcode: Light source – Illuminates the barcode for ... Read More »

Motorola LI2208 Drives Fast, Comfortable 1D Scanning

Motorola LI2208

The Motorola LI2208 does more than just scan. This corded linear imager helps workers scan faster and farther, resulting in better productivity and happier customers. Businesses can leverage the Motorola LI2208 to drive productivity at the retail point-of-sale, event registrations, and in light industrial settings. “Building on the legacy of Motorola Solutions’ most popular scanner, the LS2208, the next-generation LI2208 ... Read More »

Meet our barcode experts in the latest SystemID video!

Happy New Year from SystemID! Before journeying forward in 2013, take a moment to meet our team of barcode experts, who are eager to share their 2012 joys with you. Listen as they describe how they got married, where they volunteer, and other fun facts about themselves. We think you’ll enjoy meeting our cast of colorful characters as you stroll through the ... Read More »

Freaks & Breeks© on CSI

Barcode technology keeps making cameo appearances in popular TV shows and movies, which is rather thrilling to us breeks© (barcode geeks). Last week on the CSI episode “Freaks & Geeks”, a barcode was the critical piece of evidence for identifying a killer. Read More »

Symbol Barcode Scanner, Batter Up!

OK, I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen these videos before. Someone drops a mobile computer off of a building or runs over it with a car and the device not only looks fine, but is fully functional as well. While effective, and probably a little closer to reality than hitting it with a bat, it is not nearly as ... Read More »

The Essentials of Barcode Scanning

On June 23, 2011, System ID hosted The Essentials of Barcode Scanning webinar. It teaches all about barcode scanning and data collection. From scanning basics to more advanced programming, the webinar had something for everyone. Read More »

The New Barcode Scanner: A Play in One Act

By: Kyle Gambrell, Barcode Scanner Product Manager Disclaimer: Dear readers, this is a blog post written as a play script. While I may be a barcoding expert, I am most certainly not an expert in script writing as you will see; so please enjoy, have fun, (I certainly did), make fun and let me know what you think.  Read More »