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A Hospital, A Barcode Scanner, & A Breek

What I Learned During My Visit to the Hospital A few months back, my wife was having surgery, and of course I was with her in the hospital. (Don’t worry everyone, she is ok!). While she was in pre-op, and the nurses were talking to her about what all was going to happen, I noticed a machine with a barcode ... Read More »

Big Changes for Popular Honeywell Barcode Scanner

Ok, so we have some good news and some bad news; which do you want first? Let’s pretend that while writing this, I hear the collective voice of our readers say, “We want the bad news first.” Ask and you shall receive. The bad news is Honeywell will be discontinuing one of their most popular barcode scanners: the 3800g. Collective ... Read More »

How to Pick a Mobile Computer

Mobile computers and data collection terminals are hand held computers that provide mobility and portability while capturing barcode data. Data can either be collected in a batch and processed at a later time or updated real-time via a wireless local area network (WLAN) or wide area network (WAN).  Because of the numerous features available in mobile computers, it can be ... Read More »

The Top 10 Barcode Scanners

Well, readers, it’s that time again. The days are growing shorter, the temperature is getting cooler, weekends become even more desirable and Mondays are no longer the worst day of the week. That’s right; football season is upon us, and what a wonderful time it is. With football comes rankings, match-ups, breakdowns, and countless other statistical data, so what better ... Read More »

Barcode Labs Offers 3-Year Warranty on All Barcode Equipment

Barcode Labs, the industry leader in used barcode equipment, is extending their warranty to 3 years on all of their products until the end of the year. Barcode Labs has over 20 years of technical expertise and carries one of the industry’s largest selections of used barcode inventory, including both legacy and current models. Read More »

How to Pick a Barcode Scanner

Barcode scanners are the most inexpensive and effective way to control assets and inventory. There is little or no training required to use one. Barcode scanners are distinguished by their form factor and their scanning technologies. Read More »

FaceCash: Turning Our Cell Phones Into Wallets

FaceCash is a new mobile app that allows you to pay for items at the point of sale with a smartphone, instead of a plastic card. The cashier verifies your identity by the photo you upload into the app instead of by your signature on a credit card, which hardly ever gets checked these days. When the cashier scans the ... Read More »

Barcode Scanners That Don’t Get Sick

Making sure that patients are kept safe and healthy is always a goal for healthcare professionals. In order to achieve this, equipment is often being wiped down with sterilizing chemicals. These harsh cleaning agents will erode away plastics, such as the material typically used to construct barcode scanners. Eventually, you will have scanners with cracks, which can lead to hardware ... Read More »

Barcode Scanning Apps for Cell Phones

Have you heard that you can read barcodes with your cell phone? There are a number of barcode related apps for the iPhone and one for Android cell phones. Most are designed as shopping tools. They use the barcode number to search a number of web sites, like Amazon and Google, to pull up product information, price comparisons, and customer ... Read More »