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System ID Showcase: New Trends in Mobile Computing

New Trends in Mobile Computing | System ID

Mobile workforces. The Internet of Things (IoT). Big data. Smart manufacturing. Mobile device management (MDM). Advancements in these areas are literally changing how companies operate. But how can organizations transition from traditional data capture solutions to interconnected smart devices that automatically analyze information and take action? One way manufacturers are helping organizations move into the next generation of data capture ... Read More »

Will there be Droid Mobile Computers?

No doubt you’ve heard either in your office or personal life the word “Droid” being said in a robotic voice. The Android OS is here and is here to stay. It appears that Google is extremely interested in the mobile phone world, especially with news of their acquisition of Motorola a month ago. Read More »

Google Celebrates the Barcode

If you’ve gone to Google today, you’ll notice that their usual logo has been replaced by a barcode. This is to celebrate the 57th anniversary of the first barcode patent. The barcode is actually scannable and it says “Google”. If you have a mobile computer with an imager, go ahead and try to scan it on your computer screen. Read More »