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Barcode Scan Engines

Barcode Scanner Types

There are three primary barcode scan engines: laser, linear imager, and 2D area imager. Each works differently to accommodate the needs of specific environments and industries. Laser A laser scan engine shoots a laser beam toward a mirror. The mirror moves, which causes the laser to sweep across the barcode in a straight line. A diode measures the level of reflection ... Read More »

A Visit from Honeywell

Hello readers, it has been far too long. No, we did not forget about you…we would never do that. We have simply been hard at work making…get ready for this…a new product catalog! Settle down, I know you are excited, and don’t worry your copy should be coming soon; they mailed out on May 7th. So, now that you know ... Read More »

Freaks & Breeks© on CSI

Barcode technology keeps making cameo appearances in popular TV shows and movies, which is rather thrilling to us breeks© (barcode geeks). Last week on the CSI episode “Freaks & Geeks”, a barcode was the critical piece of evidence for identifying a killer. Read More »

Honeywell Buys LXE

In the last five years, we have seen a number of acquisitions occur in the barcoding industry. Large, big-name corporations are seeing the benefits of getting into the barcode industry. These acquisitions have introduced companies like Motorola and Honeywell into the market place. Read More »

Big Changes for Popular Honeywell Barcode Scanner

Ok, so we have some good news and some bad news; which do you want first? Let’s pretend that while writing this, I hear the collective voice of our readers say, “We want the bad news first.” Ask and you shall receive. The bad news is Honeywell will be discontinuing one of their most popular barcode scanners: the 3800g. Collective ... Read More »

Are You Ready for 2D?

System ID and Honeywell are teaming up to educate the readers of this humble blog about 2D barcoding and how it is changing the way people do business. Ready or not, 2D technology is here to stay, and resistance is futile. Read More »

The Top 10 Barcode Scanners

Well, readers, it’s that time again. The days are growing shorter, the temperature is getting cooler, weekends become even more desirable and Mondays are no longer the worst day of the week. That’s right; football season is upon us, and what a wonderful time it is. With football comes rankings, match-ups, breakdowns, and countless other statistical data, so what better ... Read More »

Honeywell Releases the New Xenon 2D Barcode Scanner

Honeywell Scanning and Mobility has released the Xenon 2D barcode scanner. With their acquisition of Hand Held Products and Metrologic, Honeywell has been able to take the best of both of these companies’ already great 2D scanning technologies and put them into the Xenon. Out of all of the 2D scanners that I have tested, this scanner is the fastest at ... Read More »