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How to Select the Right Inventory Control System

Select the right inventory control system from System ID.

An inventory control system uses barcodes or RFID to automatically manage and track physical items such as products, consumables, fixed assets, and equipment. With the right solution, companies can reduce unnecessary expenses and significantly improve productivity. The challenges of inventory management Inventory levels constantly change as items enter and exit manufacturing plants, warehouses, and distribution centers. Not only is it critical ... Read More »

8 Ways Excel Fails at Inventory Management


Tracking your company’s inventory with a spreadsheet is costing you big bucks. Logging inventory cycle counts with Microsoft Excel may seem like the most frugal approach. But in truth, it would be cheaper to buy an automated inventory management solution than to continue using your Excel spreadsheet. Why waste time and money? Consider these eight ways that inventory management via ... Read More »

WaspLabeler 2D Barcode Label Software Simplifies Label Design, Printing


WaspLabeler 2D barcode label software takes the sting out of designing, creating, and printing barcode labels. The intuitive, easy-to-use solution from Wasp Barcode Technologies includes more than 100 pre-designed templates for printing barcode labels. Or, users can start from scratch on their own design or build a custom label on top of one of the provided templates. WaspLabeler 2D can ... Read More »

Wasp Inventory Control Update Links Real-Time Inventory Solution to QuickBooks

Wasp Inventory Control

With the latest version of Wasp Inventory Control, reconciling inventory on QuickBooks has become easier than ever. Wasp Inventory Control 7 offers a complete inventory tracking system for small and mid-sized businesses. This new release includes a QuickBooks Connector Module, which enables better planning, execution and optimization of inventory. Businesses can avoid costly errors and data duplication, while integration with ... Read More »

The Fundamentals of Inventory Control

On July 21, 2011, System ID hosted “The Fundamentals of Inventory Control” webinar. This webinar teaches you all about inventory control and its benefits. From inventory basics to best practices, this webinar is sure to help you in starting your own inventory control system. Read More »

Wal-Mart Uses RFID to Track Underwear

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. has been using RFID (radio frequency identification) tags to track pallets of products throughout their supply chain. The RFID tags have unique identification codes encoded in them, just like a barcode, but they can be read at a distance even outside of the line of sight. Now they plan expand that system to track individual products. They ... Read More »

How Redbox Uses 2D Barcodes

Have you seen or do you use Redbox? They are the red boxes that look like vending machines but instead of selling candy or soda, they offer DVD rentals. You can find them outside of gas stations, convenience stores, or large retail stores. In a recent excursion to rent Star Trek, I noticed on the DVD that there were two ... Read More »

The Recession is Over, Now What?

The recession is over! At this is prevailing wisdom of many economists including Ben Bernake, our Federal Reserve Chairman. The growth expectations for 2010 vary by industry, but the increases are in range of 2% to 5%, and hopefully yours will be even higher! The problem is that businesses have seen a reduction in sales of 10% to 30% and ... Read More »