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Best Compliance Solution? RFID Asset Tracking

Use RFID Asset Tracking for Compliance | System ID

It seems like new government regulations show up every day. This can upset operations as organizations scramble to ensure compliance with federal mandates. They search for help, but struggle to know which company they can trust for advice. What if they are sold expensive systems that don’t deliver the results they desire? There’s one way to ensure compliance with the ... Read More »

Select the Best Barcode Label in 5 Simple Steps

select a barcode label

Do you struggle to select the best barcode label for your assets and inventory? With so many applications, environments, materials, sizes, adhesives, and printers, it can sometimes be difficult to find the perfect fit. Our friends at Zebra Technologies have come up with a clever acronym (PRESS) to help customers select the right label, which we’ve turned into five simple ... Read More »

8 Ways Excel Fails at Inventory Management


Tracking your company’s inventory with a spreadsheet is costing you big bucks. Logging inventory cycle counts with Microsoft Excel may seem like the most frugal approach. But in truth, it would be cheaper to buy an automated inventory management solution than to continue using your Excel spreadsheet. Why waste time and money? Consider these eight ways that inventory management via ... Read More »

Achieve Real-Time Visibility with Barcode Inventory System


Do you know exactly what is in your warehouse – right now? If your company relies on manual processes or spreadsheets to track inventory, the most likely answer is a resounding, “No!” Losing sales, wasting hours with spreadsheets and manual counts Unfortunately, taking inventory manually or with older technologies creates many challenges for today’s warehouse. Cycle counts can require days ... Read More »

Wasp Inventory Control Update Links Real-Time Inventory Solution to QuickBooks

Wasp Inventory Control

With the latest version of Wasp Inventory Control, reconciling inventory on QuickBooks has become easier than ever. Wasp Inventory Control 7 offers a complete inventory tracking system for small and mid-sized businesses. This new release includes a QuickBooks Connector Module, which enables better planning, execution and optimization of inventory. Businesses can avoid costly errors and data duplication, while integration with ... Read More »

Do You Need a Corded or Cordless Barcode Scanner?

Wasp WLS9500 Barcode Scanner

Sometimes after determining the barcode scan engine and scanner type, users need help deciding whether to purchase a corded or cordless barcode scanner. There are several factors to consider, including how you will use the device. For example, retailers may use an in-counter scanner for point-of-sale  transactions and a handheld scanner to take inventory. Therefore, they may purchase both corded and ... Read More »

Tips for Reducing Retail Shrink

Every retailer has felt the pain of inventory shrinkage. In fact, many would say it’s their biggest problem. While the effects of the recession are still being felt everywhere and the busy Christmas shopping season is looming in front of us, shrinkage has got to be on the forefront of retailers’ minds. Retail shrink is defined as a discrepancy in ... Read More »